No, I do not miss him!

A couple of months back, my history teacher asked me what my father did. I said that I did not know. He gave me a questioning look and so I proceeded to tell him that my parents are divorced and that I have not seen him for 8 years and the last time I saw him I was a little kid and so I do not know or remember. He went on to ask whether I have ever met him in these years and whether I miss him. I said I hadn’t seen him since and I immediately without thinking replied that I do not miss him. And why would I miss him? The way he treated my mom, my sister and me, I am glad he is out of our lives.

My father was a drunkard who treated us like shit. His family never accepted my mom because she likes to do things her way and not according to what they wanted. My parents came from two completely different cultures and so my paternal grandparents did not like my mom much. My father used to go out almost every night and get drunk and not come home until the wee hours of the night. My mom used to stay up waiting for him. She used to try to call him but he would not pick up his phone. So there would be nights where she would just sit with the phone for half the night waiting for him to come home. But it wasn’t any better when he did come home because he used to become abusive verbally and physically. He would raise his hand on my mom and break things around the house. Once he was going to slap my mom and my baby sister who was 2 at that time was in her lap and he hit her by mistake. He hit his 2 year old daughter. My mom used to make me and my sister go to bed but I could hear them screaming and fighting in the middle of the night.  It used to scare me so much. I used to feel so helpless when he used to ill-treat my mom. He accused my mom of cheating. I don’t know if she actually cheated or not but I do know that my dad remarried soon after the divorce. My mom got full custody of us and I never saw him again. One day, before the divorce was finalised my mom just took us, got in the car and drove to her parents as in my maternal grandparents place and never went back to my dad’s house. He used to come to our house and scream and shout and once he even broke some medicine bottles. It got so bad once that my mom had to call the cops. When my mom left she did not manage to get any of our belongings with for 6 months we had like 2 pairs of clothes each and my mom barely had any money on her. It was really bad.

To top it all, my mom barely had enough money to send us to a new school and he was such an ass that he would not even let me get my transfer certificate from my previous school. Because of him, I could not go to school for almost 6 months.

So no, I do not miss him at all. I do not fucking miss him. My life is better without him.


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