Dear Dad #Day12

[Today’s letter was meant to be to someone who you hate most/caused you the most pain, and I thought that my dad fits for both these things. So here goes-]

Dear Dad,

So where have you been all these years? Some time back I heard you transferred to Mumbai? And what do you do? I mean where do you work? I get this question a lot you know. “what does your dad do?” and I always have to say I don’t know because I honestly don’t and then I have to explain that my parents are divorced and I have had zero contact with you for about 8 years. 

Well I haven’t ever told you this before because i haven’t really had the chance, but I really hate you. I mean how could you do that to us. After everything mom did for you, how could you do that to her? And during the divorce, you refused to pay child support and wanted zero contact, really? You really din’t want us huh? And you think that one crappy birthday card you send every year will make up for everything? And by the way, you spelled our names wrong in some of the cards! 

You’ve hurt me so much and in every possible way. Mentally, emotionally and physically. I really honestly want nothing to do with you ever again. And yet at times I find myself thinking how different life would be if you were still in my life! But you never will be. Earlier I used to think that maybe after I’m 18, I’ll go see you someday but I really don’t think that’s going to happen. 

When people ask me about my father, I usually say that i don’t have one. People give me odd looks, but it’s true. After what you did, I don’t think I can ever call you my father.

Have a nice life, or not actually. 


[If you are thoroughly confused as to what I am talking about and what he did and want to know more, click here]


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