RIP little puppy

A few days back, we rescued a really sick puppy from the streets near my college. We got special permission and brought her into the smoking room area and tried to bring her food and medicines and everything we could think of but she wasn’t getting better. We called a vet but because our college is in a slightly remote location, he said he could only make it the next morning at like 6am.

So we decided that we couldn’t leave the puppy out in the cold so we put her in our bag, wrapped it with a shawl and sneaked her into our dorm room. Next morning, the doctor came and gave her shots saying it was probably tic fever. However, she kept getting worse and started having seizures. She was having seizures every 5-6 minutes and so in the middle of the night, some of us took her to the vet. I couldn’t go but my friends took her and I sat with my friends on campus waiting for news. Around 2am we heard back saying that she could have possibly had rabies and had to be put down. I legit started crying cuz that little baby was one month old. She didn’t even get a chance at life. My only consolation is that her last few days were as comfortable as we could make them.

Next morning, she was buried and life moved on. However, soon after, panic ensued. We all had to get rabies shots! Which means getting like 7 injections each so all of us flocked to the infirmary, there were some 10 of us there. Finally an expert came and said that I didn’t need them as she didn’t bite or nick me. However, some of my friends had to get them. We weren’t even sure that it was rabies but we had to take precautions.

That little puppy was only with us for 3 days but I loved her and I miss her every time I go to the smoking room and see the little enclosure we made for her. RIP baby.


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