Bangalore Trip! 

So last thursday, (7th July) I went on a kind of spontaneous trip with my family to Bangalore.

Basically what happened was that my mom had a work trip and we have other family in that city so she just asked if we wanted to go visit them and we said yes!

So we had an early morning flight, around 7 am. Reached my uncle’s house where we were gonna be staying around 1 in the afternoon. Met my little baby cousin who is 4 yrs old and is the cutest little thing ever. Both on Thursday and Friday we just stayed in and hung out with family while my mom went to work. On Thursday, my aunt made traditional south Indian food which was so yumm. I asked for the recipe also so I’m going to try to make it at home! Then on Friday morning, my uncle went to work and my baby cousin went to school while my aunt decided to stay home and so we just hung out with her. Then that evening, my uncle made pizzas at home which were so good!!

Next day which was Saturday, we woke up early, got ready and were out of the house by 9 30am. We went to see their new house which is being built, which was fun cuz we went to the park in that locality and it was nice and windy there. Then we went to a sports shop where we bought some tennis stuff for my sis. Then after that we went for lunch at chili’s which was amazing!! We ordered so much food, tacos, quesadillas, burgers, pasta, fajitas and Idk what else. It was all so good! It was kind of a celebration for my results and stuff.

Then my mom went to the supermarket to buy some really cool baskets for my dorm room. And we ended up buying a lot of stuff including a blue and turquoise eyeliner for me and so we had to bring back an extra bag with us!

After that, we went to the airport for our flight back and reached home by 9pm.

Oh and I forgot to mention, we got some really cute pictures and Polaroids so that was really nice! My baby sis is so cute and she says such funny things at times!


Goa Diaries ~ Day 6 & 7


So day 6 was the last day in Goa and we left on the morning of Day 7. You can read the day 4 and 5 post here.

So on the morning to day 6, we decided that we wanted to go to South Goa which was a good two hours away! So we booked cars, bought junk food for the way, and were off! On the way we just blasted music and laughed and talked and it was a lot of fun!

Upon reaching one of the beaches in South Goa, we decided to go on a boat ride to an isolated beach which was amazing. But like I’m slightly scared of water but I think it was quite nice.

IMG-20160529-WA0028 (1)


The beach was so pretty and had some really nice rocks and some which had some stuff drawn on them too! This was also the only beach where I found shells and I collected some!  Snapchat-5500547050735895202


After that we returned to the main beach and just sat in a shack and chilled and ate some food and saw the sunset which was quite beautiful!

IMG-20160529-WA0015 (1) IMG-20160529-WA0014 (1)

We had some nutella pancakes and milkshakes and french fries which were all heavenly! Not exactly Goan food but whatevr! At the food shack I also saw a sign which I found quite sexist and annoying but I couldn’t really do much about it :/Snapchat-9053498021866702817

Anyway, after this around 8 we left to go back thing o the place where we were staying and listened to a lot of really good music on the way which was super fun! After that upon reaching home, we talked for a really long time, played cards and stayed up till 5 in the morning!

The next morning, we left around 10 30 for the airport, chilled and talked on the way and it was kinda bitter sweet cuz it was the last time I was seeing a lot of them. screenshot_2016-05-29-21-35-21.png All in all it was an AMAZING trip. I had so much fun and I’m really gonna miss some of these people from my grade! So yeah, that’s it for Goa! 🙂

P.S – Sorry this post is mostly pictures, I feel really unmotivated to write!

Goa Diaries ~ Day 4 & 5

So basically not much happened on Day 4 and 5 so I’m making a joint post! You can read Day 3 here.

So on Day 4, I woke up at my friend’s hotel where I had stayed the night before at like 11 in the morning with a terrible hangover and then went of to eat breakfast and all I could eat was a muffin cuz I felt like my head would explode. My hangover was so so bad!

Then I just went to the guys room and lay there and chilled cuz all of us were hungover/high! And l like I didn’t know how to deal with the hangover cuz I legit never get one! Or at least never one that is so bad! Then around 2 we headed out to get milkshakes after which I finally started feeling a bit better and then we went back to the place we were staying!

Post that we went to this place for dinner and on the way there Annie and I fought and it got ugly and we haven’t spoken since but I really don’t want to get into all that shit! The dinner was quite good and it was right on the beach which was nice but I was quite exhausted and so we went back quite early, like around 12!

On day 5, most of the people went to this other place to hang out near the pool and stuff and me and this guy friend of mine just stayed at home and chilled and slept and ordered in food and talked and stuff! It was quite chill and I really needed a day off to like replenish my energies and stuff.

Later that night, one of my really close friends and I just sat together in bed and talked almost all night and it was quite amazing. I loved it and I love her!

Anyway, that’s about it and I really don’t have any pictures or anything from either of these days! But yeah, it was nice! 🙂

Goa Diaries ~ Day 3

Day 3 in Goa!!!! You can read about Day 2 here.

So on Day 3, some of us decided to split from the group and go and do our own thing. So it was basically Annie, me and this other guy.

In the morning we decided to go to a beach but we only managed to reach by like 12 30 in the afternoon and it was so hot there! So we just got ice creams and went to nearby restaurants to chill. After a while of hanging out there we decided to head out to another beach.

This beach was AMAZING. I loved it. We went and sat in a little shack overlooking the ocean on the beach and it was so good. We ordered drinks and fries which were so good. I ordered a Blue Lagoon which was heavenly! Like honestly, it was so hot and having that really cold drink made me feel so good! Then after a while of just sitring and chilling, we decided to go into the ocean and omg it was so beautiful! IMG_20160527_223356  IMG-20160527-WA0036

We clicked so many more pictures too but like I can’t really put those up for anonymity reasons! Anyway, as we were just standing and clicking pictures, a huge wave came and drenched us all! It was kinda funny tbh!

Post this, we decided to bathe and change into our evening clothes and so we went to take a shower for which we payed 70 bucks! The washroom wasn’t the cleanest but we didn’t really have another option! Then we just dried our hair and stuff and decided to head out for dinner and meet up with the rest of the group. So on the way to do that, I decided to go meet up with some of my other friends instead and so I went to my other friends’ hotel.

I chilled with them for a while, had dinner with them and stuff. Also got to meet crush which was really nice. Then crush asked whether I would go with them to the club but I said I couldn’t cuz I had plans to go to another club with my other friends but then she insisted and I agreed and I asked my other friends to come there as well!

And so I went and hung out with my friends and had a lot of Vodka and cokes and danced a lot and it was a lot of fun! I even got free entry!

Wrist Band for club entry!

So after a while, some of my friends left and I was pretty drunk and almost falling all over the place. And so I’m just standing near the bar and this girl comes up to me and starts talking. And so we go and sit down on one side in the corner area. And then idk, I kinda ended up making out with her! Idek how that happened but it did! And then one of my friends came to find me and saw me and then I kinda just talked to this girl for a couple of mins and then walked away with my friend! It was quite fun tbh and it felt like a very “Goa thing” to do! 😛

After that we were about to go home and I thought that the night was coming to an end but gosh was I wrong! We met up with another friend and he decided to invite us to stay at his place for the night and we agreed. So we reached there and then we had to show our IDs obviously. And I had forgotten to carry mine but I had it on my email on my phone but I was too drunk to access it! SO I had to get someone to open my phone and go to my email and download the copy of my passport to show it! It was quite a disaster! And then one of the people from our school got alcohol poisoning and had to be taken to the hospital!

And it was all a bit messed up but tbh I was too drunk to understand anything! All I remember is one of my friends was kinda taking care of me when I was drunk at the club so I think I was trying to text her thank you but I ended up saying something like “thadkddg uousbjj” and I messaged another one of my friends something similar! And then I fell asleep soon after! But like the next day I found out that my friend messaged another friend of mine to ask whether I was safe and stuff so that was very sweet!

Anyway, this day was VERY eventful but still so much fun! 😀

Goa Diaries ~ Day 2

So I’m finally back home from Goa and now I’m going to write about the entire trip day wise. I was gonna do this while I was there but I got too busy. Anyway, this is my Day 2 post and you can read the Day 1 post here.

So this morning we went to Baga Beach. So upon reaching, we kinda realized it was too hot to go into the beach right away and so we spent some time shopping in the nearby market and bought hats and some really pretty stones and stuff. Then we decided to head to this beach shack restaurant kind of place called Brittos for lunch and the food was amazing! I had some chicken and fries and some seafood and some drinks including a chocolate slushie and a long island ice tea!


I’m the one in the grey dress btw

After this we just went into the beach and chilled in the sun bed thingys! We talked and laughed and listened to music and stuff. Then cuz it was really hot, we went to another nearby shack and had some breezers and stuff. Then we decided to go to get some ice cream and explore the place a bit.

At the ice cream shop we net this hippie couple who were so cool. They lived in Virginia but n a whim moved down to south america and now they were here biking from Mumbai to Goa and further south. They  were quite funny too!

After this we went back to the beach and went up to the ocean and chilled in the water for a bit before we had to go back cuz one of our friends wasn’t feeling too well.

On the way home we bought some alcohol, rum and vodka basically and we went home and played the drinking game, Never Have I Ever. For those who don’t know how it’s played, I’ll explain. So one person in the group says Never have I ever… *insert something they have never done here* and everyone who has done that takes a shot or a sip of their drink.

So we basically made it kinda sexual but not entirely and I drank at almost all of them so at the end of the night, I was the most drunk. Laughing, crying and singing and dancing and idk what else. I don’t remember all of it. All I know is I was continuously talking about my crush! Anyway, that was quite fun and thankfully I woke up without a hangover the next morning yay!!

So yeah, basically this was day 2! I enjoyed it a lot and it was actually a great day! #takemeback

Goa Diaries ~ Day 1

My trip to Goa began yesterday morning at 11 am. This trip is basically a trip with my friends and almost our entire grade hoes to celebrate the end of school. Its tradition. So I had a flight at 2 to Mumbai and from there I had a connecting flight to Goa which was delayed by an hour and a half! So not an amazing start but good anyway cuz I had Starbucks and a muffin on the airport!

I reached the place where I am staying at around 8 in the night. All my other friends had already reached and were playing Cards Against Humanity but I just decided to go get settled first. The view from where we are staying is quite nice!



Then we just chilled in our room and had some chips and some alcohol and basiclaly played truth and dare!

After that a few of us including me watched Pitch Perfect 2 while some of the others played poker. Pitch Perfect 2 was quite good I thought! A little predictable but still nice.

After this we just chilled in bed and talked till about 3 am and things got intense! We talked about like gender and sexuality and suicide and random crap also and it was so much fun! Then around 3 30 am all of us fell asleep. And I woke up this morning at 7 30 am. And today we are going to a beach so that should be exciting! And yeah let’s see. I’ll wrote about the day today either tonight or tomorrow morning!