Words and something?!

I can never find the right words.

Happy doesn’t feel big enough but ecstatic doesn’t feel right either?

And sad always gets caught in my throat and comes out weird instead.

So I’ve decided to give words my own meanings now.

I’ve been using sunshine instead of happy for a while now.

And jelly instead of nervous.

Bad instead of sad, but this one I have to change (sad isn’t always bad na).

I sometimes use the word fog instead of depression and I think that’s very accurate.

Rainbow is almost synonymous to gay for me.

I like the word smoll spelled like that (probably cuz a certain person uses it a lot).

I have a new crush.

But the thing is, crush isn’t the right word. It’s too small. It’s too ugh what’s the word?(childish? but that’s not the right word!)

Okay I have to go study. Another word for finals = death.


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