Summer Plans!

So I said a while back that I was going to start blogging again. It took longer than I thought, but I’m finally actually back. With a list of my summer plans/goals –

  1. Meet ALL my old friends!
  2. Go to Estonia and Finland. (If you have any suggestions/tips, please share!)
  3. READ at least 5 books. (Recommendations?)
  4. Make at least 5 portraits.
  5. Go to Mumbai?
  6. Write and blog.
  7. Relax and plan for next semester.

Now I know that doesn’t seem like much but I really want to take it easy this summer and write a lot and stuff.


What I did this Summer (2017)

Okay so this is my attempt at recounting everything that happened or I did this summer so when I read this 10 years later, I can recall stuff. Here goes –

  1. Slept a lot.
  2. Went to the gym semi-regularly.
  3. Did a 2 month long internship.
  4. Went to Shimla.
  5. Went to Agra.
  6. Went to Bangalore.
  7. Painted a lot and set up my art account on Instagram.
  8. Read books (not as many as I would have liked but still).
  9. Met friends from high school.
  10. Decided my major and minor.
  11. Watched movies.
  12. Wrote a little.
  13. Spent some time with my sister.
  14. Did a 4 course specialization on Coursera.
  15. Worked for my mom’s organisation and helped her with some projects.
  16. Translated a TED talk from English to Hindi (you can volunteer to translate videos for them!).
  17. Set up my LinkedIn profile.
  18. Read poetry.
  19. Started making some small jewelry.
  20. Did origami.
  21. Was patient with myself and my mental health.
  22. Started taking medication for my PCOS (and it’s currently fucking with my system – at least till I’m used to the meds)
  23. Met up with a bunch of relatives, including two of my baby cousins.
  24. Missed my roommate a lot!
  25. Started Journal-ing regularly.
  26. Stopped Journal-ing regularly (I promise I’ll start again).
  27. Planned for the next semester.
  28. Came out as bisexual to my sister (tho I don’t know if bisexual is the write word for me but still).
  29. Sold some art stuff and earned money!
  30. Made a huge effort to not wallow in my mental illness (it’s so easy to do that in the summer when you don’t have work).

I’m actually quite proud of myself for what I’ve done this summer. Might not be amazing stuff but it was amazing for me. It had it’s bad moments but I’m choosing to ignore them for now.

Note to self – Eat more pizza before you go back to college.

Things to do before college starts again!

Okay so I move back to college on the 26th of August and I’m so excited!!! I’ve been waiting for this day so (im)patiently and I can’t wait! Just about 20 more days. But this month is going to be really busy and I have to sort out some stuff before I leave and so here’s my list –

  1. Finish the work my mom’s given me (content writing, social media stuff etc.)
  2. Finish my Coursera course so I don’t have to juggle it with school work once I go back.
  3. Meet some friends (not from college) that I haven’t met yet or haven’t met enough this summer.
  4. Pack for college! Organize stuff and decide what I want to take or not take.
  5. Finish work for the art commission I have pending.
  6. Decide on courses, timetable and what I want to major in!
  7. Spend some time with my sister.
  8. SLEEP.
  9. Read at least a couple more books.
  10. Turn 19! Now this isn’t something I have to do but something that’s like going to happen very soon! Like on the 23rd! And I’m kinda excited 🙂

That’s it for now but this is going to be quite a month! Just marking off day on my calendar till the 26th!

July Goals~

So like June, I’ve decided to make a list of July goals! I love pretending to be this person who is so sorted and has monthly goals and ahh I feel very cool so here goes –

  1. Paint a lot!!! Finish at least 3 projects and start on something with the paper cups I collected.
  2. Bangalore Trip! Try to meet my history prof and chill with the fam.
  3. Read at least three books.
  4. Watch at least 3-4 movies I’ve been planning to watch for very long.
  5. Write more.
  7. Be regular with medication.
  8. Keep journalling.
  9. Meet friends – GS, Div and Adi and maybe Pai.
  10. Do something I find challenging.

Okay so this is it for July I guess. It’s a pretty chill month and I’m quite excited!!! And to be honest, I’ve done a bunch of stuff already. Watched two movies, spend a week travelling with fam and reading a little bit.

Quick Update~

So I just wanted to write a quick update post so here goes –

  1. I had a paper due last night at midnight which I managed to do. I have one due at 5pm today and then one due on the 7th. And then I have an exam on the 10th after which I’m free for the summer!!!
  2. I had my last therapy session with my therapist because she’s leaving so when I come back to college in August, I’m going to have a new therapist probably. If I choose to continue therapy, that is.
  3. I just went for the best walk ever, look out for my next post for details.
  4. I really want to do a literature major but my mom says that I can’t. She wants me to do a psychology major. This means that there are going to be some tough decisions to be made soon.
  5. I NEED SLEEP. Finals week is stressful AF.

How are you guys?

Revisiting 2016

Okay so I started writing this post in the last week of December but I’ve only just gotten around to completing and posting it! Oops!

So last year around this time, I did a post called Revisiting 2015 and I basically wrote down the major events from every month and so I decided to do that again for this year! This year has been quite eventful so this might be a long post but here goes –

January –

January was when the college application process was going on and most of the month I was busy with that. I also hit 300 followers on my blog in Jan. In terms of mental health, it wasn’t the best month but I managed. I also wrote a post about mental disorders at that time and about how they’re not a joke. Mom also fell a little sick at that time but it turned out okay.

February –

Valentines day! Even though I’m not a huge fan of that holiday, it was still pretty fun. We had some very cute celebrations in school and then my then girlfriend made some very lovely plans and it was a nice day! Then I also heard back from the one art school I applied to and found out that I got in. It was a very bittersweet moment and I wasn’t able to go but I’m happy now despite the choices I made so it’s cool!

March –

March is when Easter is and reminded me of a friend who recently passed away with whom I used to celebrate Easter. March is also when my sister’s birthday is! She turned 13 last year and I made her a Harry Potter cake and wand and map and all that stuff. I also asked a friend of mine to prom this month. And finally, I started a new Instagram account about feminism etc (here).

April –

I wrote a series of posts about graduation this month. We also had prom this month which meant lots of preparations for that too! Post that we had gratitude day and scribble day. We expressed our gratitude for our teachers and then we scribbled notes on each other’s t shirts. It was a lot of fun! The next day we had our graduation ceremony which was unreal and amazing and slightly overwhelming! Had to make a huge decision regarding college and finally decided to stay in my own country for college. Also, April was so busy with studying for finals! Also, I was one month clean in April.

May –

My finals for high school were in May! they went on for pretty much the entire month till about the 20th! Then I went for a friend’s birthday the day after exams ended and two days later I left for my Graduation trip to Goa with my friends! It was AMAZING!

June –

To be honest most of June is a big blank for me. I think I was so relieved that high school was over that I wasted most of the month!

July –

I was doing an internship in July. I also got my results back for my exams and I was pretty happy. I also got a drastic haircut. Basically I used to have long ans wavy hair and I got it cut quite short and straightened! And finally, I went on a trip to Bangalore and I met my baby cousin and it was great!

August –

I started college in August! And I also turned 18, on the second day of college actually! August was so crazy with college packing and I was so restless and it was no nice and bad and ahhh! So basically summer ending and college starting.

September –

September was insanely busy. I was getting to know my roommate, making friends, getting adjusted to college, learning to manage my studies and everything all at once! I only wrote one post about college this month!

October –

So by now college was in full swing. I had 4 courses and I was finding things pretty difficult cuz well stupid mental health but I was managing. I was also crushing on a bunch of people and idk it was nice. It wasn’t a bad month tbh.

November –

November was a horrible month in terms of mental health. Slept through most of the days tbh. But there were a few good bits. Finished two years on WordPress!!! Also attended my first Pride parade, IT WAS AMAZING OMG! Also, I wrote a post that I’m quite proud of and it was about like people watching on the metro.

December –

So I started my second internship this month. Finished my first semester of college. Christmas!!! And I wrote two posts that I was really happy with, Calcutta and A yellow couch. I also wrote a post about the good bits of 2016.





Okay so I’ve had so much to say in the past some time but somehow every time I sit to write, I just can’t. My mind either goes blank or goes into over drive and all the words come out all jumbled. So I’ve decided to write practically. Shut off the feelings part of my mind for a bit and write in a calm and logical manner. So here we go –

  1. Things have been kind of difficult because I’ve been at home, but I’m trying to deal with it. Usual stuff with mom, tbh.
  2. Christmas was fun but also not. It’s winter.
  3. I’ve been going through a bad phase again and I don’t know, I’m finding it harder than usual to talk to my friends so it’s just been hard. I spoke to my teacher and I have finally made another appointment with the psychologist for Feb 13. I’ve also met the councilor at college a few times and I’m going to meet her again once I get back to college. This is good. This is progress.
  4. I got an F in math last semester so I have to do the course again. So I’m taking it again next semester. Hopefully it’ll go better this time.
  5. I met some friends from high school. I don;t know how I feel about that. I actually feel too much and I can’t go into that right now. This is supposed to be calm and logical.
  6. I plan to keep myself really busy next semester. And I plan to attend classes. I have to get out of bed at a normal hour. I have to learn to do this on my own. I’ve taken up at few things outside of academics so that should keep me busy. I plan to do all my readings and stuff for class and eat meals on time etc so hopefully I’ll manage.
  7. 2016 has been a difficult, good, bad, eventful year and I want to write a post with a bit about every month like I did last year. Soon.
  8. I’m also so confused in terms of my crushes and shit. I don’t even know.
  9. Too many fucking feeling. I can’t.
  10. My writing quality has gotten so bad because I just can’t put my thoughts together. I hate it. I have to start writing properly again. I will start writing properly again.
  11. I can do this. Whatever this is.

Okay bye.

Good bits of 2016

2016 has been quite a year! Lots of changes, confusion, sadness, happiness, everything! And while yes, there have been a lot of not so good things, there have been some good ones. I’ve achieved things I’m proud of. So I’m going to try to list them in chronological order and so here we go –

  1. Got into most of the colleges I applied to. All but 1 actually. Got into art school also!!!
  2. Graduated high school pretty successfully with decent grades.
  3. Got a summer internship at a great NGO.
  4. Was clean of self harm for about 2 months.
  5. Started college. And made new friends.
  6. Managed to maintain friendships from high school that were important to me.
  7. Started going to a councilor. And just getting help in general. Or at least starting to. Or like starting to try to. Okay.
  8. Successfully completed at least 3 out of my four college courses.
  9. Got a job for the winter.
  10. Started writing in my black book which is currently my favorite thing.

Hmm that’s all I can think of right now but I think this is a lot of good stuff! This is good. I am slightly proud of me despite all the not so good things. 🙂


Summer before college (2016)

So my summer is almost over, just two more days left. And so i decided to go over everything that has happened this summer since school ended. I’ll try to go in chronological order. It’s been a weird summer in terms of so many thing starting and so many others ending but it’s been quite interesting so here we go –

  1. The week after school ended, I headed off to Goa with a bunch of my friends for my graduation trip. I wrote a bunch of posts about it which you can read here. It was so much fun and I made so many memories, it was great! Also, going on a trip with my friends was on my bucket list so I can cross it off now!
  2. I started my first internship on the 15th of June 2016  It was at an NGO and was quite fun and good experience.
  3. I met up with some friends from my old school. This included a girl who moved away a couple of years back. She is deaf and it used to be a bit difficult to understand her when she spoke and I was so worried I wouldn’t understand her cuz I hadn’t met her in so long but I did and it was great! Another friend who I used to be very close with also came which was great! We clicked a lot of pictures and went to Starbucks and it was great!
  4. I met one of my very best friends (shivz) and it was so much fun. She came over in the afternoon and stayed till like 10 at night and we had homemade food for lunch and ordered pizza for dinner. We watched a tv show for a while and talked and laughed. I love that girl so much!
  5. Then I met up with Kairo twice. She came over to my house once and on the other time we went out for lunch to a Burmese restaurant and the food was so good and the tea was amazing too! It was the last time I was seeing her in a while so it was nice to just hang out and relax and chill.
  6. My results came out which I am pretty happy with so that’s good. I did better than expected in some subjects and worse than expected in some but overall I was quite pleased.
  7. I got a haircut! This was huge for me cuz I got my hair cut really short and I’ve always had long hair and I got in straightened. Also, did I mention that the straightening took about 7 hours!? I wrote about it here.
  8. Started a new blog called Chai and Feminism. You guys can check it out if you want and also contribute if you like!
  9. Then I went for a short 2 day trip to Bangalore and you can read about it here.
  10. I met up with Shivz again and this time we just talked and clicked a lot of Polaroids and pictures and snapchat stuff which was fun!
  11. I met up with Mousey and SG and we watched Suicide Squad with a couple of other guys from our High School. It was pretty fun. Then said our good byes especially to Mousey cuz that was the last time I was seeing her till Idk when cuz she’s moved to NYC for college. Then SG and I hung out at a cafe for a couple of hours after which she came over to my house and then I went over to her house and then we finally said our goodbyes cuz she moved to New York as well. I am going to miss them quite a bit!
  12. Then college packing and stuff started. Buying and collecting stuff. Putting stuff in the suitcase all that. It’s been pretty exciting!
  13. Oh and a few days back we threw a surprise birthday party for Shivz which was amazing. It was the last time I was meeting her in a while too cuz she’s moving to Canada for college. We clicked a lot of pictures and had fun. I hung out with this guy friend who I hadn’t met in a couple of months which was nice too and I even talked to Annie. We ate pizza and chilled and then I asked the guy friend if we could click a picture and we were just messing around and ended up staging a Polaroid picture of him “proposing” to me with a box of chicken wings at which my friend said “You ain’t doing it right unless you’re proposing with chicken wings” and it was all really funny tbh!

And yeah that’s pretty much it! Besides all this I’ve just been on Tumblr, watching TV/movies, painting, blogging etc.

Updates! (and guest posts)


So there’s a new post up on my new blog chai and feminism so here is the link if you want to check it out!

Also, if any of you would like to guest post, then you are most welcome! You can write about anything related to the topics mentioned above including Woman Crush Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, poetry, personal stories (coming out stories, experiences with racism etc), about books with feminist/LGBT+ characters/themes etc. If you are interested leave a comment below or write to me at

Moving on now.


So updates on my life –

  1. A pretty close friend of mine got diagnosed with cancer. Lymphoma stage 3. And like yeah she was telling me how she’s just started chemo and how her hair is going to fall out and stuff and honestly, I didn’t really know what to say. I just tried to be encouraging and stuff. I’m going to visit her soon though. I told her to tell me when she’s feeling a little better and then I would go see her cuz right now she isn’t doing so well (obviously) and she’s also not allowed to go out too much. I don’t know how to help much except be as supportive and helpful as I can I guess. I’ll write more about this another time maybe.
  2. I’ve actually been feeling kinda low lately. I try not to dwell on it but it’s getting difficult. And like I haven’t cut in like 3 months, 2 weeks and 2 days which is amazing for me but I almost did last night but yeah I didn’t. I kinda remembered that trick that therapist I went to see once had taught me. Distance, Distract, Delay. Anyway, I’m not going to go into much detail about it right now but I’ll write another post about it soon.
  3. One of my best friends who is moving to Canada for college is coming over tomorrow to spend time with me which is great and this is probably like the second last time I’m going to be seeing her in a while.
  4. I got the new Harry Potter book but I’ve only read like 20-30 pages!
  5. So like whenever the topic of college comes up, my mom keeps saying that I have to visit every weekend and stuff and it’s getting really annoying. This is the reason I wanted to go really far away for college but oh well. College is only about two hours away so I guess I’ll have to come back pretty often but I am NOT coming home every weekend. I literally cannot wait to leave.
  6. I am planning a call with a tumblr friend of mine from the US which is quite exciting I guess.
  7. I feel like I use the word exciting or excitement way too much. Even when I am not excited. I feel like if I say I am then I will be which is weird. So for now, everything is exciting. Also, did I mention that nothing is exciting and I’m sad af. But I’m not allowed to be sad so instead everything is exciting ugh.

Okay I can literally feel a rant coming so I’m going to stop now. But I might post more later tonight.