Pro/Con list

Okay so I have a situation and so in classic Rory Gilmore style, I decided to make a pro/con list.

The list is about whether I should or should not tell my mom about everything (cutting, social anxiety/ depression or whatevr). So here goes –


  • If I tell her than maybe I can get actual professional help which might lead to me feeling better about things. This includes – not cutting so much – sleeping better – not feeling suicidal – not feeling like shit – not having panic attacks. Better mental health basically. That’s all I can think of right now but yeah that’s a lot.


  • It will stress my mom out.
  • I’m supposed to be the one taking care of my mom, not the other way around. I know that that’s weird but that’s how it works in my world.
  • Right now, I take care of a lot of things such taking care of my sis and grandmother when my mom is not at home and stuff so if she thinks that I’m not doing okay then she’ll worry about all of those things also.
  • My mom is stressed out enough with all her work and her health and paying for school and college and taking care of everything basically. I don’t want her to stress out about me. I don’t want to be a burden on her.
  • Seeing a doc costs money.

See the list shows more cons than pros but the value of the pros is a lot so I don’t even know what the conclusion of this whole list is. So, basically this was a waste! Ugh. I have to think more.


16 thoughts on “Pro/Con list

  1. Okay so the main pro is that it will help you because then you can get professional help. And the main con is that it will stress your mum out. Yes, she will worry about you. But whether you tell her now or later, either way she will always worry about you because she loves you and that’s what mothers do. But I think that maybe, once she is okay and out of the hospital, you should tell her. At least about being depressed. Start with that and just ask her to take you to a professional and explain that it’ll benefit you hugely (because it will), and I think she will be glad you told her. If you’re really not okay with telling her now, wait until a time when she’s under less stress, but don’t leave it too long. Sorry this advice is pretty bad, but anways, just think more about it and take your personal needs into account, too. xo

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  2. YOU are WORTH all that stress and money and help. because you are freaking fantastic, and you do NOT deserve to be feeling this way. i’ve been in your situation before, and i’ll tell you first hand, that its hard to get out of this place by yourself. most people can’t do that. if you get to a point where you’re feeling really sucky about life, i think you should tell your mum, but this is obviously your choice to make πŸ™‚ even considering telling someone shows that you have a lot of strength, keep smiling. i’m always here if you need to chatπŸ˜€

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  3. I get that it will stress your Mum out and I’m not going to lie and say it won’t, because I’ve been through a similar thing and although it’s obvious to her from the minute it started because of the severity of it, I can’t imagine having to tell her. But think about this. It might stress her out even more if she found out later and you hadn’t gone to her for help. She would WANT you to open up to her, to live a happy life and to get better, but none of those things can happen unless you go to her. She would want you to ❀

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  4. hey there ! i just came across your blog, and you are so amazing
    you should definitely tell your mom. no matter how many cons there are. you shouldn’t suffer through this alone. because this can get worse and worse.
    talking to her might make you feel better and mothers will worry anyway. if she finds out later that you didn’t tell her, that might hurt her feelings even more.

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