I checked the insights – stats page again today and I have over 4000 views! I cannot believe that!!

The crap I write has been viewed over 4000 times since I started writing. That is amazing. It might be a small number for a lot of people but for me that’s huge! I’m so grateful to anyone who reads my blog. Really!

As soon as I saw it, the first person I wanted to tell was my friend SG becuase well, she was here when this blog started. She was the first one I showed it to. But then I realised I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t just message her and tell her and bother her so I decided against it even though I really wanted to.
Then I thought of all the other people I would usually tell something like this to. So I messaged Annie and Shivi and told them and they were happy and all. And I thought maybe I should tell Mousey and Kaii and Sim but then I didnt think that they would care and so I didn’t. And that made me slightly sad! 
God, I have a huge talent for this! Making myself sad over good things! 
Anyway, then I thought that I could just write a post about it which a least a few people would read, as suggested by my stats page and so I did!

Okay so the point was that I’m kinda happy about the 4000 views and I almost find it unbelievable! Yeah. Okay this is a good thing! Yay! 


16 thoughts on “4000 views!?

  1. Hi! What are you talking about? 4,000 views is a huge number and it’s amazing and you should feel very proud of yourself for committing yourself to this blog in order to achieve that. Congratulations!!! That number will surely continue to keep growing.

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