The amazing blogger Ayele adapted a tag originally created by the YouTuber Lily Singh, to make it for bloggers and called it #BloggerLove. This is such an great idea to promote friendship and support each other in the blogging community!

The basic idea of this is to compliment other bloggers to show what we like about their blog and compliment them. So here’s my post!


Elm, you’re so amazing! You are always here to support me and give me great advice whenever I need it and for that I’m really grateful! You’re a blogging inspiration for me and I really look forward to reading your posts!


You are so kind and understanding! All your comments are so thoughtful and helpful. You’re so dedicated to your blog and have become so successful and that’s great!


Reading your posts makes my day, they are so interesting! You’re so caring and always there for me with helpful comments and you’re so supporting! Thank you so much! Oh and also, I really like your blogging name Luna! It reminds me a bit of Luna from Harry Potter! 🙂

The Finicky Cynic

I really enjoy reading your posts especially the ones about all your vacations. Your posts are really varied and always enjoyable. Thank you for all the amazing comments and everything!

Violet Starre

I’ve only recently come across your blog but I already really like it! I really hope to get to know you better!


Your posts are so fun to read while being insightful and I love that! Your blog seems to be growing steadily and that’s so great! Also, I really appreciate your comments so thank you!

Honestly, there are a lot of other people I would like to talk about but if I start doing that, this post would run endlessly! Thank you so much to everyone who bothers to read my blog and I honestly enjoy reading and commenting on your blogs!





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