Something really nice just happened!!! I’m sitting outside the mess in my college in the cold for no reason but I don’t feel like going back to my room and my mood isn’t the best and so I’m just sitting. 

Lots of people I know passed by, one said hi. Others either chose not to acknowledge my presence or just didn’t feel like talking which I think it totally fine cuz I do that sometimes too. But then this one girl walked by and she said hi followed by my name! I didn’t ever think she’d remember my name but she did! And yeah I know it’s no big deal but it made me quite happy! She’s in the poetry club and she’s really good. So good that she came second in a national poetry competition! And I really think she’s very sweet and she always smiles at me but this is the first time she called me by my name and ahh idk it’s childish but it felt nice. 


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