Goa Diaries ~ Day 2

So I’m finally back home from Goa and now I’m going to write about the entire trip day wise. I was gonna do this while I was there but I got too busy. Anyway, this is my Day 2 post and you can read the Day 1 post here.

So this morning we went to Baga Beach. So upon reaching, we kinda realized it was too hot to go into the beach right away and so we spent some time shopping in the nearby market and bought hats and some really pretty stones and stuff. Then we decided to head to this beach shack restaurant kind of place called Brittos for lunch and the food was amazing! I had some chicken and fries and some seafood and some drinks including a chocolate slushie and a long island ice tea!


I’m the one in the grey dress btw

After this we just went into the beach and chilled in the sun bed thingys! We talked and laughed and listened to music and stuff. Then cuz it was really hot, we went to another nearby shack and had some breezers and stuff. Then we decided to go to get some ice cream and explore the place a bit.

At the ice cream shop we net this hippie couple who were so cool. They lived in Virginia but n a whim moved down to south america and now they were here biking from Mumbai to Goa and further south. They  were quite funny too!

After this we went back to the beach and went up to the ocean and chilled in the water for a bit before we had to go back cuz one of our friends wasn’t feeling too well.

On the way home we bought some alcohol, rum and vodka basically and we went home and played the drinking game, Never Have I Ever. For those who don’t know how it’s played, I’ll explain. So one person in the group says Never have I ever… *insert something they have never done here* and everyone who has done that takes a shot or a sip of their drink.

So we basically made it kinda sexual but not entirely and I drank at almost all of them so at the end of the night, I was the most drunk. Laughing, crying and singing and dancing and idk what else. I don’t remember all of it. All I know is I was continuously talking about my crush! Anyway, that was quite fun and thankfully I woke up without a hangover the next morning yay!!

So yeah, basically this was day 2! I enjoyed it a lot and it was actually a great day! #takemeback


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