Goa Diaries ~ Day 3

Day 3 in Goa!!!! You can read about Day 2 here.

So on Day 3, some of us decided to split from the group and go and do our own thing. So it was basically Annie, me and this other guy.

In the morning we decided to go to a beach but we only managed to reach by like 12 30 in the afternoon and it was so hot there! So we just got ice creams and went to nearby restaurants to chill. After a while of hanging out there we decided to head out to another beach.

This beach was AMAZING. I loved it. We went and sat in a little shack overlooking the ocean on the beach and it was so good. We ordered drinks and fries which were so good. I ordered a Blue Lagoon which was heavenly! Like honestly, it was so hot and having that really cold drink made me feel so good! Then after a while of just sitring and chilling, we decided to go into the ocean and omg it was so beautiful! IMG_20160527_223356  IMG-20160527-WA0036

We clicked so many more pictures too but like I can’t really put those up for anonymity reasons! Anyway, as we were just standing and clicking pictures, a huge wave came and drenched us all! It was kinda funny tbh!

Post this, we decided to bathe and change into our evening clothes and so we went to take a shower for which we payed 70 bucks! The washroom wasn’t the cleanest but we didn’t really have another option! Then we just dried our hair and stuff and decided to head out for dinner and meet up with the rest of the group. So on the way to do that, I decided to go meet up with some of my other friends instead and so I went to my other friends’ hotel.

I chilled with them for a while, had dinner with them and stuff. Also got to meet crush which was really nice. Then crush asked whether I would go with them to the club but I said I couldn’t cuz I had plans to go to another club with my other friends but then she insisted and I agreed and I asked my other friends to come there as well!

And so I went and hung out with my friends and had a lot of Vodka and cokes and danced a lot and it was a lot of fun! I even got free entry!

Wrist Band for club entry!

So after a while, some of my friends left and I was pretty drunk and almost falling all over the place. And so I’m just standing near the bar and this girl comes up to me and starts talking. And so we go and sit down on one side in the corner area. And then idk, I kinda ended up making out with her! Idek how that happened but it did! And then one of my friends came to find me and saw me and then I kinda just talked to this girl for a couple of mins and then walked away with my friend! It was quite fun tbh and it felt like a very “Goa thing” to do! 😛

After that we were about to go home and I thought that the night was coming to an end but gosh was I wrong! We met up with another friend and he decided to invite us to stay at his place for the night and we agreed. So we reached there and then we had to show our IDs obviously. And I had forgotten to carry mine but I had it on my email on my phone but I was too drunk to access it! SO I had to get someone to open my phone and go to my email and download the copy of my passport to show it! It was quite a disaster! And then one of the people from our school got alcohol poisoning and had to be taken to the hospital!

And it was all a bit messed up but tbh I was too drunk to understand anything! All I remember is one of my friends was kinda taking care of me when I was drunk at the club so I think I was trying to text her thank you but I ended up saying something like “thadkddg uousbjj” and I messaged another one of my friends something similar! And then I fell asleep soon after! But like the next day I found out that my friend messaged another friend of mine to ask whether I was safe and stuff so that was very sweet!

Anyway, this day was VERY eventful but still so much fun! 😀


5 thoughts on “Goa Diaries ~ Day 3

  1. Hahaha wow! Sounds like you had tons of fun!
    I’ve been to goa a lot of times (with my parents) but I’ve always thought it was more of a visit-with-your-friends kinda place XD
    Oh, and amazing pictures 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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