Semester 2!

So today my semester 2 of college starts! And not going to lie, I’m quite nervous. The thing is, last semester didn’t go so well in terms of both academics and mental health. So I’m a little worried for this semester.

But I have goals for this sem. I’m working really hard to improve my mental health (therapy and shit) and I’m going to try much harder for academics and attend classes, submit assignments and all that. I’m even aiming to get up at a decent time everyday and hopefully get some breakfast.

I also want to work on improving some of my relationships with people. Like just talk more to people I want to get to know more. I have a solid friend group but I want to explore a bit more.

I’m prepared for this semester, but I’m also worried. But that’s okay I guess, I’m still learning to deal with things. I think I’ll be fine. Worried but also excited I guess. And excited is good! yes okay this is good okay I have to go for my first class of sem 2 now so byee!


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