I Love Winter Tag!

Okay let me be honest here, I don’t particularly like winters. In fact I borderline hate them! But this tag seems fun so I’m going to do it anyway!

So I was nominated for the I love Winter tag by an amazing blogger who writes at The Finicky Cynic. Thank you so much!

And here goes –

1. Favorite Lip Product: Body Shop lip balm! I don’t know what flavour it is exactly but it’s a berry flavour (strawberry I think) and it has a little bit of colour and I love it!

2. Favorite Drink: Chai or coffee are great! Especially chai with adhrak (ginger) in it! Occasionally, hot chocolate does the trick too.

3. Favorite Nail Polish: I don’t wear nail polish very often so I don’t have a favourite but no yellows and bright blues. Otherwise it kind of depends on my mood.

4. Favorite Candle: I don’t really use candles much!

5. Favorite Attraction: What does this even mean!?

6. Favorite Accessory: Pyjamas! I have these cow pyjamas which say “I’m moody in the morning” and I love them! Besides that, fuzzy socks omg!!!

7. Favorite Candy: Twix! Or Snickers! 

8. Favorite Movie: Dead poets poets’ society is amazing and well I usually just watch this Tv show called Gilmore girls.

9. Favorite Blush: I don’t use blush at all

10. Favorite Thing: About winter? Um well it’s probably siting in my blanket in front of the heater with family and watching a nice movie or Tv show. Besides that, nothing! Don’t like winter at all!

So that’s it! This was fun! So now my nominations are –

My Irrelevant Thoughts 

Child of Cynicism

Hope Says…

Life of an Inspired Teen

Misstery Blog

Okay so you guys can do it or not, no pressure!

Have a great winter guys! (And summer to those in and around Australia!) 🙂



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