Peer Mentor 

So in college, we have a peer mentorship program. The third and fourth years are the mentors and the first and second years are the mentees. And so I decided to sign up for this program and I LOVE my mentor!

She and I were sort of friends from before too and she’s just the sweetest! I’m so lucky to have got her. So on our first meeting, I took her to the bridge (which is my fave spot on campus) and we chilled there for a bit and got to know each other better and she’s just the sweetest.

We talked about life, mental health, relationships, interest all of that! Last year, everyone knew I was going through a really bad mental health time and I’m found better this sem so she was saying how she’s so happy to see me do better and how worried she was last sem. And she told me that she went to therapy over the summer too to sort herself out a little bit. She’s super fun, she’s a dancer and she loves to go to gym. She plays football too! I know that this posts seems like it’s written by a little kid but I just ugh I appreciate her so much and that’s all there is to this post 🙂


Also, the other day, I had a really bad mental health moment in front of her and I felt so bad and I thought she would hate me and think of me as a burden and hard to deal with and idek I was worried. But then, she messaged me again today, very sweetly and it was great and she doesn’t hate me and I’m so relieved and she’s such a nice person aaah!!!


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