Back to college!

I’m going back to college in 2 days and I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

I love my college! It’s pretty much home to me. I love learning, I love the people, the atmosphere, my roommate, my friends, everything!

Plus, I also get to go for therapy when I am in college! And I get to go on more adventures around the city too and I love it!

I have really interesting courses this semester. I have Early British Literature and Literary theory as my two literature courses. The professors for both these courses are amazing and I am very excited!Β For psych I have critical thinking in psych, stats for psych and clinical psych. I’m very excited for clinical psych but not so much for stats! But hopefully it’ll turn out okay!

Oh and I’m doing a french course this semester! It’s just a co curricular course so it won’t be very intense but I’m still looking forward to it. Hopefully, Ill remember some stuff from my previous french lessons grade 6 through 9!

Oh and our dorm rooms are slightly bigger this time even though we won’t be in the same building as our seniors but still that’s okay. I also have a very close friend from school joining my college this year so I’m very happy about that too!

The only thing is, I move in in 2 days but I haven;t even started packing!!! Tomorrow is going to be ALL about packing! I’m so excited to go sit on the bridge and meet my roommate and sit in the mess and lie on the grass after lunch and just aahhh that place is wonderful.



14 thoughts on “Back to college!

  1. So exciting! I’m sure Brit lit will be challenging, but rewarding: I remember my days taking such courses, and I learned a lot from them! Hope you enjoy French as well; here’s to a fun second year at university!

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