19 things I’ve learnt at 19

It’s my 19th birthday today! Can you believe it!? I’ve been alive for 19 years! That’s probably like 1/4th my life!

My sister made me a cake and I’m going to go out for dinner with the fam and that’s pretty much it. (19 is such a filler year! 18 and 20 and both milestone birthdays and poor 19 just stuck in the middle!)

So anyway, here’s me doing some thinking and introspection and writing a totally cliched list of 19 things I’ve learn at 19 –

  1. Home can be multiple places/people/feeling etc. It doesn’t have to be just one physical place and the concept is confusing but it’s okay. You’ll figure it out, don’t stress over it.
  2. Mental health comes before everything. If your mental health is suffering, everything will suffer. Take a break. Get help. It gets better (told you it’s gonna be cliched).
  3. Friends are important but it’s also important to pick your friends carefully. Find people you feel good around, people who are there for you even when there’s nothing in it for them. And be there for them.
  4. There are kind people in the world! So many of them and I promise you, you will find them.
  5. Friendships formed on the internet can actually be amazing.
  6. Put yourself out there. Do things that scare you. This is actually one of my daily goals at college. To just do one slightly scary thing. It makes you feel like you did something.
  7. Eat more pizza. Eat more cake. And pasta. But the gym won’t hurt once in a while either. It’s so important to stay healthy and take care of your body.
  8. Just like drink water!!! Water is amazing. I love water. (Sorry, I know I sound crazy!) But genuinely, keeping yourself hydrated is soo good and it makes me feel great.
  9. Take lots of photos. This is something I’ve learnt over this past year. Take a lot of pictures. And keep them all. Even the “bad” ones. Some day, you’ll want them.
  10. TRAVEL. As much as you can! It makes you (meaning me) happy! So happy!
  11. Don’t spent time thinking about or caring about people who don’t give a shit about you. It just hurts you in the end and it’s not worth it.
  12. It’s okay to be angry and upset but don’t let it poison you. Let it go. Forgiving can take time but don’t let you anger get to a point where it hurts you.
  13. Take out time to do the little things that matter to you. Draw, blog, whatever. It’s refresh you and you’ll be back at acing life in no time.
  14. Cry. Sometimes it’s the only thing you can do. It’s okay. Ride it out. It’ll blow over. I promise, you’ll be okay.
  15. Your mom is human. Yes, she fucked up. And yes, you ended up hurt, a lot. And I’m not saying forgive and forget everything. But just try to understand that she is human too. Sh’es going through a hard time too. Be there for her (though not at the expense of your own well being).
  16. If the bridge feels too scary, especially when you’re alone and feeling extremely stupid, call a friend. They’ll be glad you called them, you will be too.
  17. Writing helps so much. Just write, okay?
  18. You know that excitement everyone says that they see in your eyes? Please don’t let it fade, please. It’s the only thing keeping you alive, even if you’re faking it at times.
  19. I love myself. Took a long time for me to get here but here I am. (To self – You are good and kind. You fuck up too but you’re learning. I love you)

Wow okay that’s it! I really stuck to my word about how this was going to be damn cliche! But yes, happy birthday to me! πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “19 things I’ve learnt at 19

  1. Loved reading this post!! And it’s great because you can look back on it in a couple of years time and realise how far you’ve come! Happy birthdayπŸŽ‰ hope you have a great last year of being a teenager πŸ™‚

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