What I did this Summer (2017)

Okay so this is my attempt at recounting everything that happened or I did this summer so when I read this 10 years later, I can recall stuff. Here goes –

  1. Slept a lot.
  2. Went to the gym semi-regularly.
  3. Did a 2 month long internship.
  4. Went to Shimla.
  5. Went to Agra.
  6. Went to Bangalore.
  7. Painted a lot and set up my art account on Instagram.
  8. Read books (not as many as I would have liked but still).
  9. Met friends from high school.
  10. Decided my major and minor.
  11. Watched movies.
  12. Wrote a little.
  13. Spent some time with my sister.
  14. Did a 4 course specialization on Coursera.
  15. Worked for my mom’s organisation and helped her with some projects.
  16. Translated a TED talk from English to Hindi (you can volunteer to translate videos for them!).
  17. Set up my LinkedIn profile.
  18. Read poetry.
  19. Started making some small jewelry.
  20. Did origami.
  21. Was patient with myself and my mental health.
  22. Started taking medication for my PCOS (and it’s currently fucking with my system – at least till I’m used to the meds)
  23. Met up with a bunch of relatives, including two of my baby cousins.
  24. Missed my roommate a lot!
  25. Started Journal-ing regularly.
  26. Stopped Journal-ing regularly (I promise I’ll start again).
  27. Planned for the next semester.
  28. Came out as bisexual to my sister (tho I don’t know if bisexual is the write word for me but still).
  29. Sold some art stuff and earned money!
  30. Made a huge effort to not wallow in my mental illness (it’s so easy to do that in the summer when you don’t have work).

I’m actually quite proud of myself for what I’ve done this summer. Might not be amazing stuff but it was amazing for me. It had it’s bad moments but I’m choosing to ignore them for now.

Note to self – Eat more pizza before you go back to college.