Moving on 

It’s a weird feeling. The feeling when you know it’s over and you’re ready to move on. I mean like sometimes you have friends who are still in your life and you’re glad they are, but they’re not your everything. Like if they were to hate you, you could easily get yourself to not care. 

So for me, I get very attached to friends. So I had a bunch of poetry up on my table written by friends from school and I refused to take it down. Today tho, I was cleaning my table and cupboard and I had no issue with taking them down. That’s when I realised I’d moved on. It was a such a great feeling cuz that means I will never do anything for their aproval again. I really am over high school. 

Usually when these people come into town, I really want to meet them. But this summer, I couldn’t care less. I mean it’s not that I don’t want to meet, but I won’t force it. I’ll make plans and if it works out, great! If it doesn’t, okay. I mean if it doesn’t that would probably mean that our friendship is pretty much fading but idk what’s meant to be will be. 

I’m just in a very que sera, sera mood right now. 


2 thoughts on “Moving on 

  1. I have discovered friendships are fluid and relationships are too. Your BFF’s in high school will sometimes become total strangers because you both have different life experiences that change you. Never be afraid of making new friends because they will change you and make you ultimately a better person if you let them.

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