Coming out!?

So I came out as bi to my sister today! It was totally unplanned and I don’t even know how I did this!?

So me, my sis, and a friend of mine had gone out to hang out and get some food and stuff. My sis knew that I had a thing for someone but she assumed it was a boy and so I didn’t say anything. Today somehow I decided to tell her.

I legit came out to my sis sitting in McDonalds!? So my sis asks me about my crush as to whether he’s hot. So I just told her it’s not a boy. She just smiles and then she said go on but like I couldn’t talk for like a minute. (It was actually only an almost non noticeable second but it felt longer in my head.) And so I then said it’s a girl. Then I told her to guess who it was and she did. Then she asked me if I’m bi and I said yes. I usually don’t say I’m bi cuz I don’t like the label but I think it’s okay now.

Then she asked whether I plan to tell mom and I said no. And then she asked why I didn’t tell her earlier to which I said that I saw no reason to. I told her that if Β you didn’t come and tell me you were straight then why should I have to.

So that was pretty much it, she took it pretty well!

Only one question which annoyed me a little was that she asked whether I thought I was bi because I’m so into LGBT activism and idk. So I told her no and it annoyed me but I get that she’s still learning so it’s okay. I know she’s gonna ask more questions later but that’s okay, I’ll have to answer them now that I’ve started this!

So one person from my entire family officially knows!!! Wow Idk what came over me today but this is good I guess. It’s progress πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “Coming out!?

  1. ahh, congratulations! the only times i ever came out were completely unplanned too, or they weren’t really a big coming out but more of something i casually drop in conversations jrgdfjklg
    but i’m so, so, soooo proud of you! i’m so happy to hear your sister was so accepting.
    ah man, bi erasure is so real but hopefully she knows better.

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  2. Congratulations! It’s a big step, but I’m glad your sister took your coming out well. Very apropos it happened during Pride Month.

    …btw, did you create a new Gravatar? Love it!

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