Recipe for happiness

I wrote this for one of my best friends, Hope. Hope made first year of college so memorable and I don’t know what I would have done without her!

So some time ago, she got a prompt for her creative writing class to write a poem which is a recipe or something like that. I don’t remember exactly but we ended up talking a lot about it and she told me to write her a recipe for happiness and I said I would try and write something really cheesy or whatever. But like I got so busy and didn’t end up doing it till now. I wrote it a few days back and sent it to her. It’s very basic and cheesy (and crappy) but anyway, this is it –

It’s simple you see

Just add the required ingredients

And happy you’ll feel!

A bunch of books mixed with a cup of green tea

Add a view of the hills but no noisy company

Conversations with friends on moon lit, starry nights,

Quiet presence of friends over breakfast and lunch

Add to that a dash of poetry and a spoonful of dark humor

And you’ve got yourself the foundation layer.

Here comes the crucial bit, be careful with this one –

Add a big spoonful of sisterly love and sibling rivalry

Then couple that with the love for and of your parents

And the dish is almost ready!

Now mix some personal growth and dreams

And throw a little music into the mix

Garnish the dish with independent adventures and travel

And happy you’ll be!

Hope is one of the best people I’ve met and I’m going to miss her so much.

I love you.