Thank you notes

(Thank you notes that double as apologies?)

So in the last semester, I’ve had a lot to be thankful for. Friends and acquaintances who have been beyond kind to me. And I’ve been wanting to say thank you to them for very long but I never seem to find the right words. Anything I say seems too less, too strange, not enough? I’ve been making paper cranes for people. But I have some things I really want to say. Now, I don’t know if I’ll ever show these to the people, like maybe some of them yeah sure but anyway, let’s see where this goes.

Winx club – You guys have been the most supportive, kindest, most fun people I’ve met at college. Thank you so much. DL, you are so kind and caring, I promise I’ll bring grapes for you! D, thank you for being you and doing stupid shit but also making your room feel like mine. Ish, girl, I love how you have such interesting questions to ask always, thanks for being my gym buddy! Hope, Love and rainbows? G, I’m sorry for the weird stuff recently and I know you’re going through a lot and you’re so strong and I admire you so much. CM, I’m glad I got to know you, thanks for always being there to help with stuff, ranging from making tea to paper cranes and lit papers. I don’t say this enough but I love you guys. I love how you guys don’t ask questions about my mental health when you know I can’t answer them and you’re just there for me silently being supportive and helping in your little ways. I’m sorry I’ve been so fucked up but trust me, I care a lot about you guys. Y’all made AU feel like home, or at least some version of it.

Tea – Thank you for being there. For the late night chill sessions and the pantry hangouts and just for making sem 1 so nice. (Also, thank for sitting on stairs with me when I cry) You were one of my first few friends at AU and I’m so thankful! Pls to do more chilling next sem even when you move to a different floor! You are v cool ok I’m done saying nice things about you cuz you’ll probably read this ew.

AK – Thank you! I barely know you but thank you so much for coming when I call and knowing where I’m going to be when I just say first floor and just being a great human. I’m also really sorry and yeah things will be different next sem cuz I’ll be less pathetic. You are such a nice person and I’m really glad you exist and also wow you are a v good dancer wow. Oh and one last thing, I never thought that this would become a thing after that one first time when you helped me and yeah, thank you.

Blue – You’re the first senior at AU I spoke to even before college started and I really admire you for everything! Poetry and general being nice stuff.  You actually mean more to me than I admit. Thank you for everything, PoS, bridge, random stuff. Thank you for being around. 

UD – Thank you. I don’t really know what to say. You’re one of maybe like 4 people who know what I said that other night and I don’t regret telling you. Thank you for not making me regret telling you? Thank you for being there way too many times, thank you for letting me sit in you room that one really bad night. Thank you for sitting on the bridge with me. Sorry I dropped water on you that one time. Thank you for showing me that book you got from Abu Dhabi! And also, I’m sorry. For idk, ruining things for you, trust me, I’ll be better at this from next sem. Also, the painting was my way of saying thank you and sorry too. And lastly, I know you have people and everything, but if you ever need me or if there’s ever anything I can do, please let me know?

Seal –  Thank you so fucking much. For making me laugh, helping me walk, having long catching up sessions and just making me so fucking happy. I love you so damn much. But honestly, this doesn’t do you justice. I’m going to write you a separate post.

To all the other people who helped me (La, Ru, ANK, Si, Kari, Sre, Kelly, SimS, Pay, NidK, Puru) – Wow this is a  long list and I’m sure I’m missing many. Anyway, thank you for seeing me at my most vulnerable and stopping to help. Thank you for not judging and doing whatever you can to help. Thank you for being nice. Some of you guys, I know a bit, others very little. But honestly, I care so much about each and every one of you so damn much. (too much I think) but yes, thank you. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

Okay so this is it. I might write a part two to this because there are more people i want to thank but I can’t right now. Anyway, sorry this is a bit long. And so far I’ve decided to show it to three of the people in the list, I’ll think more about the others I guess?