I think I’ve mentioned that this past semester, I was going for therapy once a week at college. And honestly, it was helping. But then vacations started and I’m at home now which means no more therapy. And also, there’s going to be a new therapist when I go back cuz the one I was seeing last sem left.

So it’s kinda confusing. The thing is, I’ve never had proper therapy before so I don’t know how this is supposed to go, I don’t know if it was helping or not, she didn’t give me any diagnosis or anything and idk really. I was just doing it cuz I didn’t know what else to do. And honestly, I plan on continuing next sem cuz it did help a little, talking about things I’ve never said out loud before and what not.

I just wish I could continue therapy over the summer but I can’t because it would involve TOO much lying and sneaking out and it’s too fucking expensive.

Another thing is about medication. People keep asking me if i’m on meds but I’m not and everyone tells me I should talk to the doc about it but honestly, idk if I want to. Firstly, it’s too expensive. Secondly, a lot of lying and sneaking around family. And lastly, the adjustment period for psych meds is terrible and idk if I’m up for all that specially cuz I have to deal with it all on my own :/

But anyway, that’s the update on that front, let’s see how the summer goes! (CANNOT WAIT FOR COLLEGE TO REOPEN!)


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