Things I Learned From Freshman Year

Okay so I genuinely learned so much about life this year. First year of college was exciting and scary and I made it through and along the way I learned a few (a lot) of things and so here goes –

  1. It’s okay to ask for help. This is probably the most important thing I learned this year and I’m still learning to accept it tbh.
  2. How to use the manual laundry machine! Yes omg thanks to my wonderful roommate who after fucking up a few times, learned how to use the machine and taught me so I never have to hand-wash my stuff again!
  3. Going to classes is sort of important. And keeping track of the number of classes you’ve missed is important too! (otherwise you’ll probably get a bad grade and regret not going to class more.)
  4. Talk to your professors!!! This one is so fucking important. They are human beings and they will understand if you explain why you’re unable to do something or need help or whatever.
  5. Making paper cranes for people is a good idea. It makes people happy and making people happy makes me happy.
  6. Talk to lots of people. You don’t know who you’ll connect with and where that could go! Honestly, the number of friends I’ve made in the most random of ways is astounding.
  7. Sign up for cool things such as a peer mentor-ship program! I have such a cool mentor, I am so lucky!
  8. It’s okay to be silly sometimes. Actually, it’s great! Be silly, let it out. Don’t think too much about what other people will think.
  9. Work hard. Honestly, you just have to!
  10. The bridge is a good place to hang out, cry, have dance parties etc. But honestly, if you’re not feeling good, don’t go alone.

Okay this list could go on forever so maybe I’ll make a mini series out of it? I’m thinking I’ll do another one about things I learned about myself and then one about love and one about classes or whatever. Lets see! Also, please share college wisdom in the comments so I can learn more? 🙂



Okay so this is something I’ve been avoiding talking about and I’m still not gonna go into much detail. (But yeah I will be writing about it in the next few days but anyway back to the point of this post.)

The thing is, I’ve been having really bad panic attacks this past semester. And I’m really working on it, I’ve been going to therapy v regularly and everything. But yeah, it’s been quite bad. Like ranging from 1 to 5 a day. So bad that sometimes I can’t even walk and just have to sit down on the floor in classrooms, in corridors, in the mess, basically wherever. And often times I’m even unable to sit through classes and often just walk out. Thankfully, my profs have been quite understanding about it. 

So anyway, my point is, I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such caring people. I’ve had people who I’ve never spoken to come sit next to me and hold my hand and get me water and just sit with me. I’ve had friends come to me all the way from the other end of campus. I’ve had people get me my stuff and share notes. I’ve had people buy me nimbu paani and give me their water bottles and read stuff out for me. I’ve had people coming to find me on the bridge in the night when they know I’m not doing very okay. I’ve had friends skip (shitty) parties and just sit with me. And I’m so fucking grateful. And so lucky to have these people around me. I’ve genuinely made so many friends like this. People just noticing when I’m not okay and just being kind and helping me and just holding my hand through the rough bits and reminding me to breathe. I don’t know, maybe this is why I say that I’ve found home?