I sometimes wonder about my dad. What does he do now? Does he think about us? Does he ever tell anyone about us? Does he tell people he has children or not? When other people talk of their children, does he mention us?

Does he feel sad? What does he feel when he sends us cards on our birthdays? What emotion is associated with them? Does he ever feel like contacting us? Why did he do all the shit he did? Does he still drink? Is he satisfied? Is he sick? I heard he was sick.

I also sometimes wonder whether I really want an answer? Maybe I’ll find the answers someday when I really absolutely need to know, I don’t know.


4 thoughts on “Closure?

  1. OH MY GOSH YESSS. I relate 100%. My Dad pulled the disappearing act years and years ago when I was around 3 years old. He was an idiot who left my mum alone in the huge city of London with two young kids to look after. Despite hating him, I still wonder about everything you wonder about. But if he ever came back to my life, I’d be slamming that door in his face😂😂What was the situation with your Dad? I totally understand if you don’t want to go into it, I’m just wondering (and hoping) the circumstances in which your Dad left in wasn’t as horrible as mine left in💞

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