Love, Storms and Finals

Yes, that is pretty much what this post is going to be about. Love, storms and finals. In reverse order though.

Okay so first up is finals. I have finals starting this week carrying over to next week. I have four courses including psychology, Shakesqueer, literature, and science. For science I had a group project and an exam. The project is done, had to make a poster and write an article. Have an exam on the 10th of May. For Literature, psychology and Shakesqueer I have papers which are all due on 4th/5th of May! I have three submissions on the same day which means that I’m screwed! (pls send help!)

So like a few days back, we suddenly had a very bad dust storm! It was so random an sudden! I was sitting in the pantry with a couple of my friends and we quickly ran to bring the clothes stands inside from the balcony and all of that! It took a while to clear but it was okay-ish. Then today again, really randomly, there was a mini storm. The winds were so intense that you couldn’t even stand without being pushed in the direction of the wind! Dust and everything was flying all over and a door in my dorm broke! Glass shattered everywhere and people posted pictures saying stuff like “finals break everyone!” It was quite a mess!

And now the most important (sort of, I guess) one is the love bit. Okay so I think I’m in love with this girl and I don’t even know what love is or whatever but it feels so good to be around her. She is wonderful and soft but also not soft and sad and she is artsy af and I just. I don’t know. Cliche as it might be, love songs are fucking making sense to me and they shouldn’t! I hate it! Probably cuz I know it can never be. It’s so strange cuz I love the feeling but I also hate it. Doubleness is such a strange thing. Everything is and is not or is both and neither and I don’t even know. It’s a strange feeling, it’s not butterflies. It’s more like I don’t need coffee to get through the day anymore.


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