Martha Monkey

There won’t be an Easter egg this time

I won’t wake up in the morning and find candy waiting for me.

You aren’t here this time.

I thought I’d be used to it by now. After all, you weren’t here last year either.

But somehow I still expect things to be normal again.

I sometimes want to write you an email telling you all about my life.

But then I realize that I won’t receive a reply with all your latest travel adventures and promises to meet soon.

I wish I had met you, you kept asking.

Thank you. For everything. Thank you for taking care of ma.

You are missed everyday but a little more on Easter.

I never knew what Easter was, I only knew to look forward to hearing from you.

This is about a very special person I used to know who was killed in a terrorist attack a couple of years ago. She was a wonderful lady and I wish she was here today. Please have a look at this website to know more –

Unrelated note – I’m sorry I just write short strange sentences these days. My thoughts all feel very disjointed and I write how I feel. 


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