My depression

My depression

sounds like my friends asking why I haven’t gotten out of my bed in two days

sounds like me saying “I’m great, just heading to class” when my mom calls despite knowing I’m not getting out of bed today;

looks like a pile of books and clothes moved away to one corner of my bed because I haven’t had it in me to clean

looks like the red lines on my arms where I dug my nails in a little too deep;

tastes like the sour taste in your mouth before you’ve brushed in the morning

tastes like the dal you get in the mess which is more water than dal;

Just something I started writing but never finished.


2 thoughts on “My depression

    • Hey! I don’t think that’s there’s a particular way to respond to these. Just do what feels right instinctively. Try to be there for your friends when they need you. Listen. It’s one of the most important things, I feel. Listen to what people are saying. But just make sure that you’re doing okay too. Take care!

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