Revisiting 2016

Okay so I started writing this post in the last week of December but I’ve only just gotten around to completing and posting it! Oops!

So last year around this time, I did a post called Revisiting 2015 and I basically wrote down the major events from every month and so I decided to do that again for this year! This year has been quite eventful so this might be a long post but here goes –

January –

January was when the college application process was going on and most of the month I was busy with that. I also hit 300 followers on my blog in Jan. In terms of mental health, it wasn’t the best month but I managed. I also wrote a post about mental disorders at that time and about how they’re not a joke. Mom also fell a little sick at that time but it turned out okay.

February –

Valentines day! Even though I’m not a huge fan of that holiday, it was still pretty fun. We had some very cute celebrations in school and then my then girlfriend made some very lovely plans and it was a nice day! Then I also heard back from the one art school I applied to and found out that I got in. It was a very bittersweet moment and I wasn’t able to go but I’m happy now despite the choices I made so it’s cool!

March –

March is when Easter is and reminded me of a friend who recently passed away with whom I used to celebrate Easter. March is also when my sister’s birthday is! She turned 13 last year and I made her a Harry Potter cake and wand and map and all that stuff. I also asked a friend of mine to prom this month. And finally, I started a new Instagram account about feminism etc (here).

April –

I wrote a series of posts about graduation this month. We also had prom this month which meant lots of preparations for that too! Post that we had gratitude day and scribble day. We expressed our gratitude for our teachers and then we scribbled notes on each other’s t shirts. It was a lot of fun! The next day we had our graduation ceremony which was unreal and amazing and slightly overwhelming! Had to make a huge decision regarding college and finally decided to stay in my own country for college. Also, April was so busy with studying for finals! Also, I was one month clean in April.

May –

My finals for high school were in May! they went on for pretty much the entire month till about the 20th! Then I went for a friend’s birthday the day after exams ended and two days later I left for my Graduation trip to Goa with my friends! It was AMAZING!

June –

To be honest most of June is a big blank for me. I think I was so relieved that high school was over that I wasted most of the month!

July –

I was doing an internship in July. I also got my results back for my exams and I was pretty happy. I also got a drastic haircut. Basically I used to have long ans wavy hair and I got it cut quite short and straightened! And finally, I went on a trip to Bangalore and I met my baby cousin and it was great!

August –

I started college in August! And I also turned 18, on the second day of college actually! August was so crazy with college packing and I was so restless and it was no nice and bad and ahhh! So basically summer ending and college starting.

September –

September was insanely busy. I was getting to know my roommate, making friends, getting adjusted to college, learning to manage my studies and everything all at once! I only wrote one post about college this month!

October –

So by now college was in full swing. I had 4 courses and I was finding things pretty difficult cuz well stupid mental health but I was managing. I was also crushing on a bunch of people and idk it was nice. It wasn’t a bad month tbh.

November –

November was a horrible month in terms of mental health. Slept through most of the days tbh. But there were a few good bits. Finished two years on WordPress!!! Also attended my first Pride parade, IT WAS AMAZING OMG! Also, I wrote a post that I’m quite proud of and it was about like people watching on the metro.

December –

So I started my second internship this month. Finished my first semester of college. Christmas!!! And I wrote two posts that I was really happy with, Calcutta and A yellow couch. I also wrote a post about the good bits of 2016.





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