Okay so I’ve had so much to say in the past some time but somehow every time I sit to write, I just can’t. My mind either goes blank or goes into over drive and all the words come out all jumbled. So I’ve decided to write practically. Shut off the feelings part of my mind for a bit and write in a calm and logical manner. So here we go –

  1. Things have been kind of difficult because I’ve been at home, but I’m trying to deal with it. Usual stuff with mom, tbh.
  2. Christmas was fun but also not. It’s winter.
  3. I’ve been going through a bad phase again and I don’t know, I’m finding it harder than usual to talk to my friends so it’s just been hard. I spoke to my teacher and I have finally made another appointment with the psychologist for Feb 13. I’ve also met the councilor at college a few times and I’m going to meet her again once I get back to college. This is good. This is progress.
  4. I got an F in math last semester so I have to do the course again. So I’m taking it again next semester. Hopefully it’ll go better this time.
  5. I met some friends from high school. I don;t know how I feel about that. I actually feel too much and I can’t go into that right now. This is supposed to be calm and logical.
  6. I plan to keep myself really busy next semester. And I plan to attend classes. I have to get out of bed at a normal hour. I have to learn to do this on my own. I’ve taken up at few things outside of academics so that should keep me busy. I plan to do all my readings and stuff for class and eat meals on time etc so hopefully I’ll manage.
  7. 2016 has been a difficult, good, bad, eventful year and I want to write a post with a bit about every month like I did last year. Soon.
  8. I’m also so confused in terms of my crushes and shit. I don’t even know.
  9. Too many fucking feeling. I can’t.
  10. My writing quality has gotten so bad because I just can’t put my thoughts together. I hate it. I have to start writing properly again. I will start writing properly again.
  11. I can do this. Whatever this is.

Okay bye.


7 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. I’m sorry you are having such a rough time! I am here if you ever want to chat! You can email me or message me on twitter whenever and I will absolutely listen! I really hope things get better with your mom and I hope that this semester in school is much easier then the last one. Hopefully getting in to a proper schedule will help, I know that helps me some times! I’m sorry 2016 was as messy as it was, but I will always stand by my offer to listen and chat whenever you want! Xx

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  2. Aw Ivy hold on there. I’m sure you’ll get through this. You’re strong, and I know that. You can talk to me by email again if you want to (and if time permits). It may distract you from all the bad stuff. Just concentrate on the good. Screw everything else and everyone else. Take care of yourself, and remember, we’re always here 🙂

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  3. Awh I really hope 2017 is a bit better for you. 2016 has sucked in so many ways, and sounds like it was even harder for you than many people. Things are brighter at the end of the tunnel, i promise you ❤ xx

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