This post probably won’t make much sense cuz I don’t feel like writing full sentences cuz I’m really tired but here goes. 

Met Shivi. Told her stuff. Felt better. 

Met the councillor at college. Spoke to her about shivi. And my English teacher. And family. And home. And mom. Almost cried. But didn’t. Scary. But good. Trying to get better. 

Still in love with her. How? 

Mom says she hates coming home cuz she doesn’t like being around us. Then asks me why I’m in a bad mood. It’s my fault. 

Had a sleepover with college friends. I love them a lot. Wouldn’t have survived sem 1 without them. Donuts. Food. Stories. Polaroids. Videos. Bonding. 

Its always too much or too little. 

I’m about 2 weeks clean. A little proud of myself. 

Just a month and 10 days. That’s it. It’s going to go by soon. Will be back at college soon. 


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