Christmas is in less than 10 days and I’m so excited!!!

Even though we are not Christians, we do celebrate Christmas at home. We set up the Christmas tree and decorate it and set up the crib next to it. Then we put all the presents under it and open them on Christmas morning. We usually play lots of carols and have Christmas cake (which I hate and so I also make plain chocolate cake :P) and it’s A LOT of fun!

A few friends usually come over for dinner and it’s a huge deal and it’s just happy and fun usually! Last year, I bough reindeer ears and wore a red night suit and wore the ears and it was so funny! Usually I also do personalized Christmas/New Year presents for everyone but I don’t really feel up to it this year so I’ll just do something easier but as nice! 🙂

We are planning similar stuff for this year and it’s going to be great! And even though we don’t do a lot of presents and it’s usually small stuff, I decided to make a Christmas wish list. But I’m going to use this wish list as more of a general list of thing I want/need to buy. SO here goes –

  1. Donuts! (I recently had donuts after a very long time and I realized how much I love them and now I want more!)
  2. Books (any LGBT themed books would be great but literally anything else works too. I haven’t been reading much these days tbh cuz I’ve been too busy and distracted but I want to start again.)
  3. Stationary (Okay not going to lie, I don’t really NEED more stationary but omg I Love pretty stationary and I can’t stop buying more even though I have enough and I know I sound like a spoilt kid right now but omg okay sorry!)
  4. A Beanie (A winter cap thing which I think is called a Beanie. It seems really cute and I really want one even though I don’t know if I could pull it off!) 

Wow I really can’t think of stuff I really want. I mean out of this list, I can do without most of it except maybe the donuts! I also want to buy books for my sister because she LOVES to read and is always complaining that she doesn’t have enough to read!

(Also, getting some motivation to do my work and good grades would be nice too!)

AHHH anyway, I am quite excited. Or at least trying to be excited!!! Cuz excitement is good! 😀

And also, I might be going to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them tonight or sometime tomorrow. Even though I’d rather watch Moana, my sister really wants to watch this one and I have just enough balance on my PayTm account to buy movie tickets for one movie and so we are most probably going to watch this soon! I’m quite excited. My sis has been telling me to take her since the movie came out, she’s going to be so happy!


6 thoughts on “Christmas!!!

  1. I have a suggestion for a book which is LGBTQ+ themed and is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL – (You know what I am going to say 😀 ) WHY BE HAPPY WHEN YOU COULD BE NORMAL? by Jeanette Winterson.

    I think I’ll just get you a copy someday. ❤

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