Crushes and love shit

I sometimes think that I’m still a little in love with the person I was “in love” with back in high school. And in fact a couple of my friends also asked me if I was still into her. And I don’t know, maybe I am?

The thing is, she’s a wonderful human being.I’m still in touch with her and everything. And I talk about her a lot. A lot of my high school stories somehow have her in them. And I don’t know, maybe I am a bit hung up over her. But like she’s never going to know and that’s how I want to keep it. Sometimes some thing are just better left unsaid, I feel.

Okay moving on. New crushes. Okay so there’s this one girl. She’s a second year. She’s amazing. Artsy af and like really beautiful and I’m a little in love and an idiot and I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m stupid. But whatever, it’s cute and makes me laugh a little so it’s cool and she’s a nice person so I’m happy.

OKay now this is the more interesting/weird one. I have another crush. On a guy. Like wtf!? I’m crushing on guys again!? But omg he’s so cute. AND he’s bisexual. Doesn’t make a difference but I don’t know, I find not straight people very interesting. And he’s actually a nice guy. The first time I spoke to him was in the smoking room and I found him a little bit intimidating but then after speaking to him more, I realized he’s quite sweet. We hung out in the same group on pride too. And then we all had dinner afterwards and we’ve also had dinner together one other time in college. Idk I think he’s really sweet and I kinda like him but idk if I like him enough. And it’s not like anything is actually going to happen. He’s was out of my league!

Okay so this is my tiny update on my love life which is dead af to be honest. Also, I should be sleeping. I took a nap around 8 and woke up around 9 15 and I decided to go back to sleep but at this point a friend of mine messaged and she wasn’t feeling very good and so I went to get her some food and stuff and then after that I got hungry cuz I hadn’t eaten diner and so after all that I’m wide awake now. But it’s cool. Tomorrow is an easy day. 🙂


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