Shaving cream!?

There are two bottles/cans(?) of shaving cream/gel(?) in my bathroom cabinets. I’m a little unsure of what they’re called as I’ve not really had any men living in my house. And suddenly out of nowhere, I see these things in my shelf today.

Also, suddenly (okay well not SO suddenly but like over the past few months) I see that my mom talks on the phone to a particular guy type person a lot. Also, somehow, he seems to be super involved in our life decisions.

I also happen to know that this guy is married. What my mother does with her time is her business (or at least that’s how I choose to think about it to avoid all possible attachments between us) but I don’t want shaving cream in our house unless we explicitly know who it belongs to.

If this is something serious for her and she intends to continue having the guy involved in our lives, then she owes me and my sister some kind of explanation. If not, keep him out of our lives, please?

I don’t even know what to say. Don’t judge my mother based on this, she’s not a bad person.


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