Metro rides home~

Metro rides are kinda funny. I hate them. And I love them. Hate them because they’re the way home. And I don’t really want to go home. Always dreading the moment the train will stop at my station and all the pretending will have to begin again. But I love them too. For a very simple reason which is that I love people watching.

Most often I’m either sleeping on the metro or listening to music with my eyes shut but once in a while, I just sit and look around, see what everyone else is doing. Some people look terribly scared to be travelling alone and I understand why. I see a woman in a fancy saree and I wonder where she’s coming from or going to. I see a huge group of college girls and I wonder if that could have been me. I see women cling on to their bags and it reminds me to tighten my grip around my bag, just in case.

Once in a while I see a little child sitting in their mother’s lap and I can’t help but smile. The girl to my write talks on the phone and I can’t help but eavesdrop on what seems to be an argument with her partner and I cringe a little and wonder why she needs to do this in the metro.

It’s calming in a sense. To know that everyone has their own thing and it makes me feel small and it makes me forget about my life for a tiny bit and it helps! For about 25 stops on the train, I can ignore my life and play pretend and make up stories about other people and I don’t have to think too much and it’s simple.


6 thoughts on “Metro rides home~

  1. I find I think more when surrounded by people. Maybe not about myself, but about them. I think about why they are there, who they are, whether they are ok, what they are doing. I am an avid people watcher, and I agree. You escape from yourself for a little while 💛

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  2. […] November was a horrible month in terms of mental health. Slept through most of the days tbh. But there were a few good bits. Finished two years on WordPress!!! Also attended my first Pride parade, IT WAS AMAZING OMG! Also, I wrote a post that I’m quite proud of and it was about like people watching on the metro. […]


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