Social media is Magic sometimes

I am very active on social media. I run two WordPress blogs, one tumblr blog, three Instagram accounts, and I have snapchat and whatsapp and while I have a twitter account, I’ve never really used it.

Now the three insta accounts that I run include my personal one which a few of you guys know about, my feminism account and my feminism+lgbt account. So the feminism account has 5.5K followers and I run it along with two other girls. It’s actually a lot of fun. But the best part is, people send us things that they think we should post on our account and they send us messages asking questions and even fan mail! Can you believe that people write to us saying that they love our account and someone wrote that we are their role models! I freaked out! All I want to do is help create some awareness and I never thought it would grow this big and specially cuz I’ve watched this account grow from like 2 followers to this! It’s amazing!

The other account which is the feminism+lgbt one has 24K followers and it’s amazing! I’ve actually made friends through that and I can post ugly selfies on it without fear of judgement! And yes, we do get horrible comments but we also get so many nice ones! We get so many messages and people feel better after reading something we posted and it just makes my heart happy! Social media is so wonderful at times!

Sorry I’m posting an awful lot today, I have so much to say and my mind feels like it’s going to explode so bear with me please!


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