It’s not like you don’t have friends. You have people to eat lunch with and hang out in between classes with but somehow when it comes down to it and you’re crying in your room, you don’t feel like you can talk to any of them. And that sucks. 

And of course, by you I mean me. And TBH I’m being unfair because it’s not like I have NO ONE at all but I don’t want to ask for help cuz I don’t want to feel needy and stuff and it’s just annoying cuz I feel like I’m going backwards instead of progressing and ugh. Why is everything so weird rn!? 

Actually I should really cut myself some slack this week cuz first psychvilogust appointment so obv I’m freaking out ugh. 

Okay sorry mini rant over. 


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  1. I completely understand, you have friends to chill with and do things with but whether they’re friends you can actually confide in is a different story. Tbh I don’t tell anyone most of the things I go through or how I feel because the sad reality is, most people don’t care. They have problems of their own so I don’t like dropping my own burden because the majority of the time there’s nothing they can do to help. BUT, your friends are probably more willing to hear you out than you think if you were to open up about something, you just gotta give them a chance to listen. Xx

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