Happy post?

Okay enough of me being sad and idek.  For like a week I’ve been an idiot and now it’s time to think of happy things so here goes-

Puppies – I met two really cute puppies today and omg they were so adorable!!!

Going to meet my sis tomorrow. Don’t even need to explain this one!

Hot chocolate!!! I make for my roomie and myself and we both love it and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy! 

Gilmore girls revival on November 25th! Cannot wait!!

I feel slightly inspired to draw again which is exciting cuz I haven’t in a really long time.

There are too many beautiful girls in my college and they make my heart happy!

I got up early for breakfast and had milk and egg and pancakes and I felt so good and sorted in life for like  a minute but it was great!

Okay what else? Sparkly things! Poetry! Books! Blue!



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