I DID A THING//Nov 10 

I DID A THING!!!! I called up the psychologist’s office and I booked an appointment for myself!! Can you believe that!? Cuz honestly, I can’t believe I actually did it! After so many months of wanting to do, I finally did! 

Initially, I couldn’t cuz I needed parental permission but now I’m 18 and I can do it on my own and so I called today afternoon and I booked the appointment for November 10th which is a bit far but still! Not going to lie, I’m quite scared for it. Especially cuz I have to do it all on my own. I’ve never ventured out into the city alone and I have to go find my own way and talk to her and come back and everything basically. 

The last time I went to te psychologist for an unofficial meeting sort of thing, I went with Annie and her mom and they were so helpful. But now that I’m an adult I guess that means that I have to do this stuff on my own. Okay tbh I’d rather have someone go with me but I’m not sure who I’d want to ask because none of my high school friends are here and I don’t know, I’m not sure about my college friends. Let’s see. 

But like I’m so proud of myself for calling! I think it just got too much for me to handle and I finally broke and decided to do it. Like I’ve said in a few previous posts, I’ve been struggling a LOT lately and I think this will help a little. I’m happy I did this but I’m also scared and a bit nervous and idek. But yeah, this is good. 


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