Busy bee crazy week

Okay ignore the stupid title. It’s 2 45am and I cannot think of anything better.

The point is, this week is so insanely busy! Actually it’s really not, I’ve had busier weeks here at college but somehow it’s just feeling like a lot.

Things I’ve done so far –

  1. Moved back into college after vacation.
  2. Read Descartes’ Discourse on Method for class.
  3. Laundry.
  4. Cleaned up my room a little.
  5. Attended all except 1 class so far.
  6. Had a tiny freak out session.

And it’s only Tuesday!

Things I have to do this week –

  1. Read for Great Books
  2. Prepare for critical thinking research paper and presentation.
  3. Study for Mind and Behavior class.
  4. Study math because I’m really close to failing.
  5. Do the Linocut printing thing for my print making class which is two hours long and really exhausting.
  6. Go to this meeting called  ‘Questioning Queer Collective.’
  7. Laundry
  8. Sort my head out.
  9. Call up that psychologist.
  10. Clean my room.
  11. Attend poetry club meeting(?)

Okay so that’s all I remember for now but this is a LOT and I am so tired. I NEED TO SLEEP.


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