Such Rhyme Much Wow

I was studying math when I came across something kinda stupid but very important in between my notes. You see the thing is, I only ever get inspired to write or draw in between class. Usually math class but any class I’m bored in tbh. And because I can’t draw/write in class, it usually results in a lot of doodling, random sentences and sometimes random rhymes. So see what I found –

  1. Apple pies and blue skies
  2. Helpful hints and breath mints
  3. County fairs and extramarital affairs
  4. Chocolate cream and far-fetched dreams
  5. Purple rain and phantom pain
  6. Blue lips and huge tips
  7. Curly hair and mushrooms that are rare
  8. Chocolate cakes and salty lakes
  9. Flying words and hurtful words
  10. Angel breath and traumatic death
  11. Nose rings and bee stings
  12. White candles and Instagram handles
  13. Red chairs and hungry bears
  14. Leaves on trees and the murderer flees
  15. Antisocial kids and boxes without lids

Okay yeah I’m done and all I can say for this is sorry but I had to put it up here so a few months/years later I can look at this and laugh at myself. It’s probably the best thing I’ve written tbh. Not really but yeah okay I don’t know what I’m saying anymore so I’m going to go back to math. I just HAD to take a break to type this up!



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