LGBT Representation

I came across a book about a love story between two bi girls and it’s an Indian book and I am so excited to read it!!! I ordered it online but somehow the order didn’t go through properly but I’m ordering it again tonight and I cannot wait for it to come! I’m obviously getting it delivered directly to college because I can’t bring it home but I’m so excited. Okay well tbh I don’t know how good the book/writing is going to be but I don’t care cuz it’s an Indian book with LGBT representation!!!! It’s called Love bi the way and yeah I know it’s a cheesy title but I’m trying not to judge!

Also, there is this Indian web series about a love story between two girls that I had heard about long back but I never ended up watching. I was talking to Rain today and she said that it was nice so I started watching and it’s so cute! I’ve watched all 8 episodes that have been released already and I can’t wait for the next episode. It’s called The other love story. While I do think it could have been better, I still think that any representation is better than none!

At the same it sucks that we have to accept crappy representation but right now I don’t have a choice so  I’m okay with this! The thing is, you read a book or you watch a movie and you somehow relate to the characters and it just makes you feel better. That’s literally it. That’s the importance of representation and I don’t think that that’s asking for too much.

Oh and if you haven’t seen Blue is the warmest colour then you NEED to! It’s a gorgeous French film about a love story between two girls and it breaks your heart but also mends it and ahh it’s beautiful. It’s one of my favorite films ever! Oh warning tho, it has some amount of explicit content so basically NSFW. But anyway, it’s amazing. Please watch. And if you know French then I’m sure it’ll be nicer for you but if not, watching with English subtitles like I did is cool too! 🙂


2 thoughts on “LGBT Representation

  1. That’s so cool that there’s an Indian LGBT film, especially since you’ve mentioned that being LGBT is rather taboo in Indian society. I’ve also watched BITWC and it’s a true artform. If you’re looking for other LGBT films, I really enjoy I Can’t Think Straight and Madchen in Uniform (1958 version). You can probably find them online!

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