Mental health update

Okay so time for a quick mental health update. This is mostly for m to keep track of my progress but anyway, here we go –

okay so I can’t remember the exact date but I think the last time I cut was on 26th September (?) or somewhere near then. I’ve had one panic attack since I’ve come to college. It was bad but not near the worst ones I’ve ever had. This friend of mine (who I’m going to refer to as Tea) was quite helpful and sweet which was nice.

I have had some terrible days when getting out of bed has been really difficult and like things ahve just generally been bad but I have also had okay and even some good days which is progress. 

I’m at home for a week now which means that things aren’t going to be great. In fact they’re already not great and it’s only been two days but I’ll have to manage so it’s okay. I’ll be back at college soon enough.

I think in between I was doing much better but I can feel myself getting it so good again which worries me but I’m really trying so I think it should be okay. I don’t know what else to say tbh. Okay so yeah now that I have vacation for a week, I’ll actually sit down and write proper posts so expect a lot of posts from me! (Hopefully tbh. I might be v lazy and not write but let’s see.) 


5 thoughts on “Mental health update

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your panic attack; I know you’re strong and you just have to keep going on in life. Let me know if you ever want to talk; you have my support!


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