College courses

So okay there is a lot I have to say about college but somehow right now I can’t put the words together to form proper sentences and I don’t know where to start so I’m just going to talk  about my courses for Semester 1.

My first preference course which I luckily got is called Great Books. In this course we basically talk about a lot of influential books across time periods and regions and it’s so interesting because our theme is sexuality so we connect everything in these books back to sexuality.  Some of the books we have read so far include the Kamasutra, parts of the Bible, Metamorphosis, Venus and Adonis, Symposium etc. And okay well honestly I haven’t loved all the books but I do like parts of most of them and I really enjoy this course. My professor is really good too!

My second course is called Mind and Behavior. It is basically a philosophy course and we have studies Descartes, Locke, Parfait etc. I’m so confused with this course! I don’t understand it very well but I’m trying so let’s see.

Next I have math. I’m not even going to say much about this except that I do not understand anything and I hate it. I’m really trying but it’s confusing cuz we have never done any of this before! That reminds me, I have to meet my TA soon!

Then I also have a critical thinking course which is quite interesting. It’s (thankfully) a light course cuz all my other courses are quite heavy. The only problem is that it starts at 8 30am but I’ve only missed one class till now so yay! I wrote a mid semester paper for it on homophobia being a foreign influence which was quite interesting and we have done articles based on social media, menstruation etc so it’s quite fun!

My last course is the co curricular course which is called From Drawing to Print Making. So for this course, initially we made a few paintings. Then about 2 weeks ago we started print making. W carved woodblocks to make the print and yesterday we inked these woodblocks and made prints on paper! It was fun but so exhausting and it got a tiny bit annoying in the end tbh.

Yeah so basically those are my courses for sem 1. Really hoping I pass with decent enough grades!


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