Okay so I turned 18 yesterday.

I don’t know how I feel about that. It was definitely weird cuz I had high hoped for my 18th birthday but I ended up spending the day with a bunch of near strangers and random people coming up to me and saying Happy Birthday!

Mom, and sis and mom’s friend came to visit me at college. I got an IPhone 5S as my birthday present. Then at twelve in the night, my roommate and a few other people got a cake made out of pancakes for me which was really nice of them. Then a lot of people from my floor came to wish me and stuff. After that we were kinda bout to go into bed when we met a senior girl who is living like 3 doors away from us and she came over and we talked till like 3am.

Next morning, mom and people came over again and hung out for a bit and then they finally left and I spent the rest of the day just doing normal stuff. Nothing special really.

A lot of friends called/texted which was very sweet. SG forgot which was disappointing but not unexpected. I don’t really feel any different then I did when I was 17. I’m actually kinda not in a good mood right now so this post is kind of a downer but yeah. Even on my birthday I had a few really intense moments where I felt like I just wanted to scream and cry but I didn’t.

Also, now that I’m 18, I can go visit a psychologist and get help without parental permission which is great for me so a little happy about that!

Mom and sis made a video compilation of everyone wishing me happy birthday and stuff which was really sweet. The thing is, I kinda didn’t want my family to come. I wanted to be alone when I turned 18 and I wanted to kinda feel the independence but with them being there, it kinda felt very restricting I guess. I don’t know the right word.

Anyway, I have to write about a bunch of other stuff which is way more interesting and written better than this but I am currently too tired for that. College orientation is exhausting.


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