College day 1

I have officially moved into college today!

I reached here around 11 30 in the morning and got my room keys and met my roommate. She seems quite nice and it’s too early to say much right now. I set up most of my stuff almost immediately and then around 12 30 I went for the registration.

Registration took a really long time and was kinda hectic and stressful but successful! Then had lunch with family in the cafeteria and then family went home. After that I just chilled in my room for a while. Then my roommate came with a bunch of people so I hung out with them and I really liked one of them.

After that I just kinda chilled with a friend from school who is also attending the same uni and helped her set up her room. Had dinner and hung out some more.

I’m really tired right now and not a lot of interesting stuff happened today but I’ll write more soon.


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