Summer before college (2016)

So my summer is almost over, just two more days left. And so i decided to go over everything that has happened this summer since school ended. I’ll try to go in chronological order. It’s been a weird summer in terms of so many thing starting and so many others ending but it’s been quite interesting so here we go –

  1. The week after school ended, I headed off to Goa with a bunch of my friends for my graduation trip. I wrote a bunch of posts about it which you can read here. It was so much fun and I made so many memories, it was great! Also, going on a trip with my friends was on my bucket list so I can cross it off now!
  2. I started my first internship on the 15th of June 2016  It was at an NGO and was quite fun and good experience.
  3. I met up with some friends from my old school. This included a girl who moved away a couple of years back. She is deaf and it used to be a bit difficult to understand her when she spoke and I was so worried I wouldn’t understand her cuz I hadn’t met her in so long but I did and it was great! Another friend who I used to be very close with also came which was great! We clicked a lot of pictures and went to Starbucks and it was great!
  4. I met one of my very best friends (shivz) and it was so much fun. She came over in the afternoon and stayed till like 10 at night and we had homemade food for lunch and ordered pizza for dinner. We watched a tv show for a while and talked and laughed. I love that girl so much!
  5. Then I met up with Kairo twice. She came over to my house once and on the other time we went out for lunch to a Burmese restaurant and the food was so good and the tea was amazing too! It was the last time I was seeing her in a while so it was nice to just hang out and relax and chill.
  6. My results came out which I am pretty happy with so that’s good. I did better than expected in some subjects and worse than expected in some but overall I was quite pleased.
  7. I got a haircut! This was huge for me cuz I got my hair cut really short and I’ve always had long hair and I got in straightened. Also, did I mention that the straightening took about 7 hours!? I wrote about it here.
  8. Started a new blog called Chai and Feminism. You guys can check it out if you want and also contribute if you like!
  9. Then I went for a short 2 day trip to Bangalore and you can read about it here.
  10. I met up with Shivz again and this time we just talked and clicked a lot of Polaroids and pictures and snapchat stuff which was fun!
  11. I met up with Mousey and SG and we watched Suicide Squad with a couple of other guys from our High School. It was pretty fun. Then said our good byes especially to Mousey cuz that was the last time I was seeing her till Idk when cuz she’s moved to NYC for college. Then SG and I hung out at a cafe for a couple of hours after which she came over to my house and then I went over to her house and then we finally said our goodbyes cuz she moved to New York as well. I am going to miss them quite a bit!
  12. Then college packing and stuff started. Buying and collecting stuff. Putting stuff in the suitcase all that. It’s been pretty exciting!
  13. Oh and a few days back we threw a surprise birthday party for Shivz which was amazing. It was the last time I was meeting her in a while too cuz she’s moving to Canada for college. We clicked a lot of pictures and had fun. I hung out with this guy friend who I hadn’t met in a couple of months which was nice too and I even talked to Annie. We ate pizza and chilled and then I asked the guy friend if we could click a picture and we were just messing around and ended up staging a Polaroid picture of him “proposing” to me with a box of chicken wings at which my friend said “You ain’t doing it right unless you’re proposing with chicken wings” and it was all really funny tbh!

And yeah that’s pretty much it! Besides all this I’ve just been on Tumblr, watching TV/movies, painting, blogging etc.


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