New Life, Who Dis?

So I changed schools at the end of grade 10 and I didn’t tell anyone I was leaving. And even before that I didn’t talk to a lot of people at that school. Suddenly this year when I joined Facebook, I got a lot of friend requests from people from my old school.

I accepted them and then after a while I started getting lots of messages from people I never even had actual conversations with when I was in that school. I feel that it’s rude to just ignore them but it’s just annoying af. And like some of them even ask for my phone number like wtf I haven’t even seen you in over two years and probably never even spoken to like what!?? And ALL of them want to know where I’m going for college. Like how is that anyone’s business. I’m over all their petty shit and I just don’t want to be bothered anymore.

And so I have the whole “new life, who dis?” attitude! (Get it?? Like the whole “new phone, who dis?” thing? Idk, I’m trying to be cool, go with it!)


8 thoughts on “New Life, Who Dis?

  1. Something similar happened to me. I did an exchange year in the US. I never had any real friends there. No one really talked to me but when we got our yearbooks the last day of school everyone suddenly wanted to write in it. When I looked at it later I saw that they all wrote how much they are going to miss me which they will obviously not. It upset me. The whole year no one cared about me and then suddenly they pretended to be my best friends.

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  2. People love to poke their nose where it doesn’t belong. I’ve had the exact same experience where I moved schools, and people who I had not talked to, suddenly were interested in where I went. You’re not obligated to answer their questions. And you’re not being rude, they are. It’s none of their business, anyhow. If you still want to be “polite,” what you can do is give a vague answer that answers the question, but doesn’t give too much away. They should get the message that you’re not interested in talking to them.

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