Doing better?

Trigger warning – self harm

Yesterday or like a couple of days back I was having a not so great day. Mom kept saying shit and I was pretty upset. And I really wanted to cut and I had all these thoughts in my head and I just wanted it all to stop.

So then I was all like let me just blog about it instead. And like write out what I’m thinking cuz that would help. In the end, I ended up doing neither and just sleeping instead but yeah it made me think.

Everyone used to always tell me to use alternate coping strategies such as writing or drawing or whatever and I never understood how that would work but now I finally get it. And while it’s not a huge thing, I feel like I’m developing slightly better coping mechanisms. And like a lot of people have even told me that I look happier and lighter so that’s good.

Doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days like for example, today isn’t a good day but I’ve learnt how to deal with stuff better I think. Also, this reminds me that all of my scars are almost gone! Yay!!

So yeah, that’s pretty much it but I still feel like I have a lot to say. Idk do you ever feel like you have these little snippets of thought which are not enough to develop full blown thoughts/posts but they are big enough for you to not be able to ignore them? Anyway, so I might write a few more short posts idk.


12 thoughts on “Doing better?

  1. I was like this a few months back… and I understand it isn’t the best feeling but the best way to deal with it is distraction. If you love singing then sing ur heart out, if you love YouTube then watch all vlogs and videos that you love until the Internet seems to slow down. But believe me it’s the best way. It’s great that ur scars have faded away but my friend the feeling of being happy is much more tremendous and joyful than the feeling of sadness. So keep smiling and never ever give up. 😊😊

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