Writing scraps.

Back when I was in school, I used to write a lot of poetry. Especially in math class. I don’t know why, probably something to do with how boring the class was. (And now that I come to think of it, I hardly ever wrote in English class!)

Anyway, I used to often just write on any tiny bits of paper that I could find because well inspiration struck and I couldn’t wait. And so soon enough, it became like quite a huge pile of papers that I used to fold and keep together. Then exams started and I forgot about them and I vaguely remembered that they were lying somewhere in my bag. But then I don’t know where they went but I can’t find them anymore. And it was like a lot of work. About 2-3 stories and like about 4 poems and like I rarely write poems!

I feel so stupid that I lost them. Like how can I be so irresponsible. But oh well I can’t really do much about it anymore. So from now on, I’m definitely going to write in my notebook or on my phone. Ugh!


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